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  • Can you help me with a problem I’m having with your app. if you go to the URL I noted as the one I’m needing help with. For some reason when you click on the email address which is using a simple as the link. When it loads up in the email client it’s putting the email as // which is incorrect. How can I get rid of these two slashes in the beginning of the email. I’m not putting them trailing slashes in when I put in the mailto link. It’s being added in by itself.

    I’m loving your plugin by the way. It made setting up AMP so easy.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Still no response. WOW

    I’m going to try fixing this error myself since I haven’t heard any response from the developer. If I’m successful I’ll go back to my rating and drop the plugin another star down the 3-Star.

    Plugin Contributor Mohsin Rafique


    Hi @gerrdude,

    Sorry for the late response. Super busy with the other priority tasks at the moment. We will look into your issue today and will come back with the fix real soon.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Sounds good. I have the host working on the 403 at the moment with the contact form 7. I would like to get that working but their telling me that my Google Gsuite is causing it which I call bullshit because even if I turned off WP Mail it still doesn’t work and I still get a 403 on it. Many hosts restrict access to the admin-ajax.php file in WordPress, it hits and it denies the request and throws a 403. So I’m gonna get them to try and whitelist this too.

    Thought I would give you an update. I got the Contact Form working on the website but it was a royal pain in the ass to do. Something inside the install was stopping it from working so I wiped the site out and started over and I went and increased the backup’s being done to daily so it won’t happen again.

    Still waiting on a solution for this double trailing slash issue. Right now it’s only affecting phone numbers now since I got that contact form working now. I would like to fix that even though it’s so minor so whenever you get to it. Amazingly when I click on it though it still launches the phone dialer.

    I would also like an option added to the header where we can put a button on the top where we can put in a call now link. That would be so awesome for mobile devices and it’ll get a great conversion on analytics.

    My GDPR is funny as shit on my website. It’s borderline scary. My GDPR message to visitors.

    “We collect information, lots of it. More than the NSA but we don’t share it with anyone. We promise. It’s only used to make your stay more enjoyable. Not like Guantanamo Bay.”

    I’m not even sure if that’s GDPR compliant but I could give two craps about that. I don’t do business with Europeans anyways.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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