• This error is probably not directly associated with WP Email Capture, but I thought you might have an idea of what’s wrong.

    I have my domain’s email managed by Google Apps. I can sign up accounts within my domain but get the “Email unable to be sent” message for any other domains—including other Gmail accounts!

    The temp e-mail bin recognizes the presence of “unconfirmed” email addresses, but I can’t access these to confirm them. I can only delete them.

    Any ideas why I am limited to being able to register ONLY other email accounts on my own domain?



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  • Plugin Author Rhys Wynne


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    Hi There,

    How are you managing your emails through WordPress? Are you using WP SMTP?

    That is odd. It’s more of a hosting thing, rather than where the emails are going.

    Baffling, sorry.

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