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    When logged on as admin, I can view pages of the site and all the emails and phone numbers display the little lock icon indicating that these are protected by Email Encoder.

    However, if I view the site as a regular visitor, click “view page source,” and then search for “@[mydomain].com, it shows all the emails. The phone number is protected — but I use the shortcode methodology. Also, when I use Ironikus’s email checker, it also indicates emails are not protected (phone number is protected).

    I’m using the most recent versions of WordPress and Astra theme.

    Here are my settings within the plugin:

    Protect emails: full page scan

    Protect emails using: automatically the best method (including javascript)

    Protect…: RSS feed; plain emails by converting them to mailto links; plain emails by converting them to png images

    Load scripts in foots: checked (Check this button if you want to load all frontend scripts within the footer.)

    Security check: checked (Mark emails on the site as successfully encoded)

    Encoder form settings: checked (Activate the encoder form.); checked (Show a “powered by” link on bottom of the encoder form)

    Advanced Settings: checked (Show advanced settings for more configuration possibilities.)

    Encoding Method: Rot13 (JavaScript)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Well, I changed a couple of settings and it shows that it is now blocking emails.

    I changed the first setting listed in my initial post to automatically use the best method (excluding javascript).

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