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[Resolved] email continuity while transitioning from wp.com

  • I will be transitioning my website/blog from WP.com to a WP site hosted on (probably) HostGator. Since this is my first time, I understand that I’ll hit a few bumps along the way, and that any Google juice my blog may have built up will be lost.

    How do I ensure that my (Google Apps) email address stays live through the website transition?

    When I previously transitioned my domain from Weebly to WP.com, I had some email downtime as I was instructed to update my CNAME (?) records on my registrar (GoDaddy). It was painful, and mysterious to me, since the email itself is hosted by Google, not by Weebly or WP.com or now HostGator.

    How can I set up my email registration (CNAME, etc.) so that my email service is unaffected by my website/blog experimentation?

    On GoDaddy, my nameservers are set to NS1.wordpress.com, etc.


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    Generally speaking, in order to avoid email disruption, you just need to make sure that your MX records do not change during the process. Note that MX records are defined in the zone file, and the zone file is stored on your nameservers.

    So, what you need to do is make sure that a zone file is setup and assigned the proper MX records prior to changing the nameservers to your new provider.

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