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  • My site is Tuberculosis related and is run and has been paid for totally by myself.
    My website and blog are hosted free of charge.
    One of the draw backs being website email is not provided in the free of charge deal.
    SMPT is not allowed so I cannot receive emails such login from my Yabb message board or registration from my wordpress blog.
    My new blog is only three days old but I am so proud of it.
    I am looking for some sort of contact form plugin that people to my blog could use in place of registration then I could register them manually.

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  • Hi there, this contact form is very easy to use.
    once activated you only need to add the email address you want the form sent to,in the admin section. Then in any post.
    just add [wpcf] which stands for word press contact any page or post.
    I hope this helps and good luck with the site.

    PS. Having re-read your post this ay not be suitable as it sounds as though you have no outbound email at all, please feel free to post again if you have more problems, I’m sure someone will have a solution.

    What about a plugin like this?

    You can have the email sent to any email address, because from what I understand, you just don’t have an email address, but it is not required for this. As long as you can upload and enable this plugin, you should be OK.


    Many thx to both replies I will try out both and see which is best.
    PS Any idea why every time I log on here I change my email address but it seems to revert back to old address?

    I would ditto the ‘cforms’ recommendation, mainly because I do know that you can enable ‘tracking’ on the control panel of cforms, and what this does is to save every email that is sent out via your site. This means that even if you don’t receive it in your inbox, you should be able to read it when you login to your WordPress blog.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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