• Great plugin; One major issue.
    This plugin is supposed to prevent refreshing the page for login/sign up.
    It works great for login when the user is already registered.
    However, for sign up, it requires email verification. Which is in contradiction with the idea of a pop-up sign up.
    Please add an option in the settings of the plugin so the user can choose to opt-out email verification. And for that, you’d need to add password in the registration fields.

    Please let me know how you think.

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  • Amin –

    The email verification mechanism is to protect the website, not necessarily the user. So, allowing the user to choose whether they want an email verification for signup doesn’t make sense.

    And yes, the point of this plugin is to make the login process as quick and painless as possible, but not at the cost of the website’s integrity. In my view, I don’t see anything wrong with having a new signup person having to click a link in their email; it is required only once. However, I do believe the Admin should have a choice to disable the email verification.


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    Thanks Jeff. I didn’t know the issues it could cause to disable the sign-up email verification.


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