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    I started with the DARK MAPLE theme, but I have made a ton of changes since then, so you may not recognize it.(

    I have set my options to notify me anytime a comment is posted. But I am no longer being sent emails when comments are posted. Somewhere along the way I must have tampered with the wrong code and deleted some important html code. I still get emails when spam is caught asking for moderation, but regular comments not needing moderation are not being sent to me.

    I tried changing the theme to see if it was the theme or wordpress itself; and other themes seem to have the same problem. Not sure where to go from here.

    thanks in advance for your help.


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  • Just making sure, but comment emails go to the author of the article.

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    I just tried changing the email address, no luck.
    thanks anyways. Any other suggestions?

    Since you changed the email of the author in Administration > Users > Authors & Users, then do you get email if users register on your blog?

    Users registering will cause email to be sent to the email address entered in Administration > Options > General.

    Other then myself there are no registered users. I am the sole author. And have never had anyone try to register. I simply allow anyone to comment. And those are the emails not getting through. I couldnt tell you if the others are. the only email I get is spam moderation.


    So the email address is both places is the same? I know a pesky question but just making sure?

    Also if you temporarily allowed a visitor to register, like you masquerading as that user, then you would be testing another approach to the blog sending out email.

    1-Yes, I verified it again, they are both the same.
    2-I tried adding myself as a second use with a different email. No email was sent out, not to my email, nor to the second email that had just been invited. Which means the only emails sent by wordpress are spam moderation.

    thank you so much for continuing to figure this out. I have been lost about it for some time now.


    Well it’s not related to something you did to your theme 😉

    It’s strange, you are getting emails about spam moderation, which goes to the ‘admin email address’, but when you added that new user you should have received “New user registration on your blog” email at that same ‘admin email address’ in Options->General.

    Maybe a plugin causing the problem?

    hmm, I don’t have any plugins at all?? This is a weird one.



    I see you are at 1.5.2, maybe try this plugin to see if it helps.

    WordPress Plugins

    Also remember, but can’t find it right now, where 1.5.2 had problems with email from Yahoo hosts, though it is sending some emails…DOESN’T MAKE SENSE

    Hey Mike, your a savior dude. Its working. I installed the plugin and we are good to go.
    thanks a million


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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