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  • I put an email link on my page. You click it and it says email client not properly installed. What does that mean how do I fix it. Also my forms from my forms plug in will not submitt either. I’m new here please help!

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  • This just means that the local computer you’re using doesn’t have a proper default email client configured properly. You using Outlook? Gmail? Thunderbird? Whatever you’re using, when you click a mailto: link, your browser is looking for something that isn’t there.

    Go to your web browser’s options/settings and mark the default e-mail client there.

    If you would post the link to the page you’re having trouble with, I’ll confirm it on this end.

    the page is one link I have trouble with is the

    I’m lost I use america online for my mail you need to simplifiy I’m a beginer

    I have other people telling me they get the same result from their computer.

    I think I understand what you are saying. I also think I went down a rabbit hole because my issue was compounded by a free forms plug in I am using. Out of 7 forms only one submitts and they tell you your form is free up to 7 lines. I think you only get to use one form and it confused my train of thinking. Thanks

    Well, when I set my default e-mail client in Firefox (options >> options >> applications >> mailto) to the 3rd party e-mail client I use, nothing happens … which is true for all mailto links.

    When I set my default e-mail to gmail, it opens up gmail and creates a new mail. I got a speeding ticket in that town once when driving from DC back to Cornell, going up 81. I don’t think they liked my Michigan license plates … hehe …

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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