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    Any possible to add this feature? Email would be sent for example to admin when user changes email. This would be necessary information in my case because there is a need to change that email manually to another server’s mailinglist.

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  • No chance of that. You should have 2 separate email systems anyway. One for user registration and another one for notifications (opt in type script). The reason is many users start closing/deleting accounts as soon as they start receiving unsolicited emails from the administration.

    Think how annoying emails from Facebook are, so unless your site has that kind of pull on your users, I would forget it.

    Instead of you manually changing their new email addresses, it should be done automatically and only for those who do want you to email them whatever it is you need to inform them about.

    All you would have to do is create a new tab in the account page with a link to your email program.

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    Thank you for the answer.

    My site has 130 Ultimate Members which all are members of real life association. The association has used traditional mailing list successfully for years and we want to keep all members on mailing list. It’s easy for members and board to send emails to each others. It happens not often.

    Maybe I should start looking for a new email program and when user changes email, a script changes automatically email on mailing list.

    Like I said, just create a new tab in account pages that links to your email program. Obviously, you have to know how to code this. Then, just tell your users that that’s how they should update their email addresses from now on IF they want to receive your email notifications in the first place.

    Otherwise, it’s going to be years (if ever) before you see this new option in UM.


    This free plugin will let you receive notifications when a user updates his/her email: or


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    Thanks VerySiberian. I completely forgot about that one. I downloaded version 1.5.3 last year but never got around to testing it as I completely forgot about it.

    It should do exactly what the OP needs.

    Hi Rob and Boris,

    The plugin you recommended doesn’t do that. There is wrong information on their frontpage. I installed it and found that email change notification is sent to user. The plugin author answered to me and said that “it’s not possible due to a restriction in WordPress.”

    Thank you anyway. And I’m happy UM user πŸ™‚

    Dang it, you’re absolutely right! I knew that the notification of user email change was one of the items that the plugin addressed, but had never tried to use it for that purpose. When I did so just now for testing purposes, I discovered that you are correct. Sorry for raising your hopes.

    Here’s a workaround, though, that may succeed depending on your email provider. I use Google (G Suite, formerly Google Apps) SMTP for all of my site’s email notifications. With Gmail, you could configure an automatic forward to yourself when the subject line matches the notification of email change language.


    One more idea, though it’s more work for you: disable the users’ ability to change their email addresses. πŸ™‚ Make them request any changes through you so you’re always up to date.

    I had luck and found absolutely the solution I was looking for! I haven’t tried it in UM frontend yet (WD Staging throws me to site in production) but it works when as admin I change user’s email in backend. Hope there is not conflicts with UM…

    So this script sends to any email address an email with free message, user name, old email and new email. This is everything the secretary of our association needs to change user’s email to an other server.

    This small code added to theme’s function.php. It’s on this site:

    By the way Rob, I appreciate your interest to solve my problem with very clever ideas. Especially the last one was very nice πŸ™‚


    Very cool! Thanks for sharing what you found.

    Yes, that code works without a hitch (the change email alert part)!

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