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  • I’m planning to use WP for a Scuba club website, now that I’ve discovered the Viewlevel plugin. Using user levels, I can subscribe all the paid-up club members as “level 2”, while Joe Public can register as a “level 1” user. Each user will be able to post at their own level, or lower, so club members can decide whether they want their posts to be read by everyone, or by club members only – fantastic!
    The one feature that I’d like (and which I think has been mentioned before), is a facility for registered users to set up an email subscription to the main blog entries. There’s a plugin to allow email subscription to a post’s comments, but (afaik) nothing to allow subscription to the blog, so that new entries are automatically emailed to users.
    I’m quite new to WP, but not to PHP, so I’m still in the process of working out how to write plugins, plus I’ve got no experience in interacting with sendmail etc.
    If anyone out there can write a plugin which allows users to subscribe to all posts, I can then modify it to use the Viewlevel functionality too…

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  • Well, it’s an interesting service, but it’s not really what I want – the blog’s probably only going to get updated every few days, so a daily email is no good.
    Also, I need to be able to modify it so that it interfaces with the Viewlevel plugin, and therefore users only get emailed about posts at or below their own user level.
    Thanks for the link though, I may be able to use it elsewhere!

    i just find out this:

    IzyNews integrates RSS subscriptions as folder hierarchy into your eMail.
    It never sends notifications into the Inbox. No flooding with daily updates. You will only receive a message when a change occurs. Also, old entries will automatically be purged as they expire.
    It’s more difficult to explain than to see for yourself. Take a look at

    No, this is no good either. I don’t want to have to force people to sign up with a 3rd-party service, particularly one which may well become a paid subscription service at some point.

    This was the reason why I went with drupal instead… Blogging wise, wordpress is probably better but Drupal is catching up. But in terms of extensive features like e-mail subscription, then drupal is slightly ahead. I should have the e-mail subscription on my site next week so pop in to have a look

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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