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  • Hi there!… thanks for the great plugin!
    Experiencing a bit of a strange issue though.

    The plugin is not showing the inline link to download the file.
    I have configured my downloadable file and the contact form exactly as in the plugin documentation and when I submit the form, the submission is captured correctly, and I recieve my email notifications, but NO inline link to download the file.

    help please! need to get this working ASAP!

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  • Hi beautifulgarbage,

    Thank you for your note. I wonder if you have “wp_footer()” somewhere in your template. Without this, there is a chance AJAX is disabled and your contact form posts back the whole page which will not show the inline link dynamically. Hope that helps.

    Well, I’m having exactly the same problem. And “wp_footer()” is present in my Theme…..

    The form is on this post and I’m suppose to offer a Free WhitePaper to my readers:

    So right now, they receive an e-mail with the link to the file. Not wanted. -:(

    If any solution, I’m highly interrested… -:)


    Hi Vladan,

    I just checked the URL you provided and see the download link under the contact form after submission.

    Perhaps you can share what configuration you changed to solve your issue for the benefit of others.

    Hi there,

    in fact I found the issue for my case. Actually I had another plugin – Ajaxed comments active. When deactivated, the link started to appear.

    I’m not coder…

    Hi Vladan,

    Thank you for the note and glad to hear you were able to find which plugin was causing an issue with the download.

    Typically, we find that issues don’t have anything to do with coding, but just a site’s specific configuration, just like you found. Thanks again.

    Is there a workaround we can use which doesn’t require using Ajax? We are not able to disable some of our plugins which use it… and we REALLY want to use your plugin. Even if the user is directed to another page, we do not need it on the same page as the form.

    Any help you can provide would be appreciated! Need to get this site launched in the next couple of days!


    Hi karyyyn,

    If you want to disable Ajax (by removing “wp_footer()”), I think you will likely have issues with many plugins in addition to Email Before Download.

    You might want to try the email only option, but Ajax is required for the inline link.

    Note: I understand the user above found a conflict with a plugin called “AJAX Comments”, which he deactivated, not Ajax technology as a whole — Ajax technology is required for Email Before Download inline link display.

    I hope that helps and good luck with your launch.

    Hi karyyyn,

    Also, feel free to send a link to your site and we can take a look to see if anything pops out to us about what your issue might be.

    I am also having a problem with my form. I wanted to make sure these are the correct steps …

    1. Upload a file using the wp download monitor ( my id is “1” )
    2. Create a normal contact form with contact form 7 ( id is “2” )
    3. Enter this short code
    [email-download download_id=”1″ contact_form_id=”2″].

    Am I missing something else?
    I have the settings to just be inline so no email will be sent. When I test the form though, it doesn’t show a success message or a link to the pdf. It does however still send me an email but with no link to the pdf (although I don’t want an email to be sent in the first place)

    I would appreciate any help and insight you could give me.

    Thank you so much for the plugin by the way, once working this will be a huge help for me.

    Hi gary.upham,

    Do you have a link to the site we can review? Can you verify that wp_footer() is referenced in your theme somewhere — most commonly the footer.php file.

    Here is the link

    I’m using the thesis theme … inside it, there is a lib/html/footer.php file that the theme uses.

    Thanks so much for the speedy response by the way … I really hope to be able to get this working!

    if you would like to directly talk to me if that is better feel free to … my email is

    Although I would imagine you like to keep these as public as possible to help anybody else that is having a smiliar problem


    Also having a problem with the inline link displaying upon form submission.

    wp_footer() is referenced in the footer.php file like this:

    <?php wp_footer() ?>

    If you can take a peek at the site, I would so appreciate it!

    email before download page is the “white papers” page.

    of note is that I inherited management of this site very recently, and am not really knowledgeable in php or javascript, so I’m just trying to figure it out as I go along.

    Thanks for any help!

    Hi gary.upham,

    I don’t see any message upon contact form submission at:

    Can you please confirm that the contact form works correctly (shows a message) independently and share a link to that form without Email Before Download?

    Hi indigofirefly,

    Your issue on seems like you do not have wp_footer() referenced in the footer.php file of your theme. You can read about it here: Please add that reference in the your theme and retry at:


    thanks for the quick response!

    I moved the

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    down in the footer.php file to be the last line of code just before the closing body tag, and still no luck.

    I’m getting the email attachment function to work, so that’s what we are currently using, but the company would like the inline link.

    Thanks for any other ideas you may have –

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