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  • If I change authorization code and at the same time toggle “Enable Stealth Mode” and check “Email authorization code to admin”, then I receive previous code to e-mail.

    E.g. plugin was disables but saved code 111, I’ve enabled, at the same time changed code to 222, checked “email admin” and receive e-mail with old code “111”.

    Vice versa (if disable, change code and email) the same bug present.

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  • Plugin Contributor Jesse Petersen


    Interesting. I noticed with a ticket yesterday that the Enable check to run the stealth actions or not is missing from the release version, so that will be patched early next week. The e-mail action is associated with the Enable checkbox, so that was a development cycle shortcut that I accidentally left out.

    I had this bug regardless the checkbox. Both when it was checked and unchecked.

    It seems that e-mail is sent just before data is saved to database.

    Plugin Contributor Jesse Petersen


    Like I said, the enable checkbox must be working for the e-mail to work and it’s not in place at the moment. The e-mail action is tied to the enable check and the checkbox isn’t being checked by the system. “Checked” as in “looked at.”

    Then I just didn’t understood your previous reply!

    Yesterday I found out that feature “quesion=answer” is not present any more, entered secret code, then disabled stealth mode, a bit later enabled it again and decided to change secret code and found out that e-mail contains previous one.

    That’s only what I wanted to report, sure we now understand each other =)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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