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  • I have something a client wants me to build, and I can with wp_mail, but I am wondering if how it should be built is fessable – no they dont want to use third party websites or software.

    Essentially a widget will take in the clients email address, with this we can:

    Have some kind of interface so we can say that send out 5, 10, 15 posts of category x, y, x on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

    Thats not hard, but the question is: how would I store the emails that come in? a new column?

    Use these emails and a custom post type to create email templates, newsletters and so on that could be sent to a set of emails (in this case all emails stored for now) at a specified time.

    This one isn’t hard either, its the custom post type part, how would I create a custom post type that when a post is published the post is not published the same way a post is, or a page. but instead its stored like one, but I can use its content in an email body instead of displaying it like a post or page.

    essentially I shouldn’t be able to go to:

    So the second one is a bit more complicated but I am wondering how you guys might approach this situation or idea.

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