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    I have looked around and can’t find the answer. I’m sure it is a silly one.

    Is there a way to email an admin once any user creates a ticket?

    Thanks for the fantastic theme by the way.

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  • Thanks Spencer,
    I’m using this one instead.


    first of all i’d like to say thank for this wonderful theme. I have a question to ask you. How can I notify every open ticket? When a registered user open a ticket, using the usual form, i’d like to receive an email that notify it to me. How can i do? It’s a setting thet is possible to manage by admin pannel or it’s necessary to modify one of the php page? If it’s so…what page have i modify?

    Waiting forr your answer. Thanks a lot

    I tried this plugin but it doesn’t work….it works with the post but a ticket it’s not a post…or not?
    I’m sorry to bother but I’d like to solve the notification mail problem. I have seen that there is a function in the file tickets.php notification but I do not understand why it does not work … how can I make it work?

    Thanks I hope you can help me

    Excuseme ce680pilot

    what plugin are you using ? You sayd “Thanks Spencer,
    I’m using this one instead. ” but what is this plugin? Can you tell me?



    first of all thanks for your answer. I downloaded plugin you suggest me and i have installed it but it doesn’t work…..i tried a test compiling a ticket but no mail was sent…how can i set the plugin….i set the normal setting in the admin pannel but it doesn’t work…what is the problem? Must i put a script php code in the page?

    Please help me understanding….for me and for my job it’ s really really important to resolve this big problem. THANKS

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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