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  1. andrewdjohns
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I have a wordpress blog that has no public ability to create profiles, but the admin user can create user profiles for a secure area of the site where users can view messages and news updates specifically for that user.

    Using various plugins and some slight template hacking, the user logs in and is redirected to their own page, which nobody else can access except for them and the admin user.

    The plan is for me to now create a little admin wizard tool, which allows the admin user to enter some basic details about the user (first name, surname, username, password) and the useraccount will be created, assigned to the correct role, and a page automatically generated to go with it.

    The user can then be provided with these details at the admin user's convenience.

    But the problem is, I expect I won't be able to create a user account without providing an email first - but this won't always be known, so I would like this field to be optional.

    Is this possible? How much hacking will I need to make this work? :)

  2. andrewdjohns
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I think I'vd come up with a "cleaner" solution, using the google email "+" trick. I

    'll set up a google email account and have any accounts with no email specified automatically use the defaultemail+username@gmail.com address, meaning they all go into one gmail inbox should there be a need to retrieve them.

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