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    I just got an automatic email from wordpress saying that i have a technical issue with my website and that my site my be in a recoverymode.

    About the error:
    An error with E_ERROR occured on row 10 in the following file: /www/webvol33/re/7zu22puqxdu4g9p/(hidden).se/public_html/wp-content/plugins/lifterlms/includes/privacy/class-llms-privacy.php. Error: Class ‘LLMS_Abstract_Privacy’ not found

    The website seems to work as what i can see.

    I would be happy if i can get help with fixing this issue.
    I also wonder what kind of information the file “class-llms-privacy.php” contains?
    Because im worried about if the site got hacked.

    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author Thomas Patrick Levy



    It’s really had to say why this would have happened. It looks as if a file the privacy files depends on didn’t load and I cannot imagine why that would happen.

    Since you’re saying your site is working as normal it’s hard to provide a proper course of action. If the file was truly missing your site would probably crash and be inaccessible.

    The privacy file itself isn’t a “hacker file” nor does it do anything to secure your site or keep things private.

    It contains logic to handle adding LifterLMS data to the personal data exporter and erasure features that were added to the WordPress core in spring of 2018 to satisfy GDPR requirements.

    You can read about the functions provided by this file here:

    If you’re continually seeing this error in the background (eg via emails) but aren’t seeing it when you actually enable your site something related to a background process (a cron job maybe) is having issues and in order to figure out how to fix that we’ll need to know what’s actually happening in the background to cause this error.

    Would you please enable WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_LOG in your wp-config.php file ( If you see it again we can get some more information from the log file than the (unfortunately vague) message you’ve provided.


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