• Hi, after registration user gets email and it exposes my server hostname. So, It can expose my server IP too. Is there any way to hide server hostname and email sender so that no one can know it.?

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    Your IP address is a necessary thing; the site’s URL must map to an IP address. That’s of necessity publicly available.

    How is one to connect to your site if one does not know it’s name? Maybe you mean something else by “server hostname”? Please explain.

    If I register on my website then user gets an email “Login Details”
    and it shows sender like this:

    from: WordPress <wordpress@domain.com> via ns831.domain.com

    I don’t want to expose this hostname. By this way people can know my server IP easily. and it can be a security issue.

    Moderator Steve Stern


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    If I know your domain, I know your IP address. It’s how the Internet works. It’s WHY the Internet works. It is NOT a security issue.

    If you want to change how the email is sent, use one of the many SMTP plugins so the mail goes out through a mail provider you choose rather than the default mailer provided by your host.

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    You may want to try this plugin and see if it helps – https://wordpress.org/plugins/cb-change-mail-sender/

    to hide ns831.domain.com in your email subject.

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