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  • I’m running the ArjunaX theme with the latest version of wordpress. I had previously set my reading settings to show only excerpts. When landing on a results page after a search, the reader is not able to click on the three dots to read more. They have to click on the title. I’ve set the read settings to show the entire post but the three dots still appear and are not clickable. Please help! The site is Searching for a word like “pcr” will give you a good idea of what I’m talking about.

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  • Hi, I have no experience with ArjunazX theme but if I were you I’d start by checking the “search results” code and check what it is displaying.
    Edit: you can also check this for a better look at things

    If, by saying you set the reading settings to full post, you mean in General -> Reading settings page, that is not what is controlled by that

    That settings simply controls your RSS fees. It has nothing to do with your actual ste display

    So, you would need to edit actual code in your theme – you first would need to determine your template – normally search.php displays search results, but not always

    Do you want full posts? Or would you prefer the ellipses to look/behave differently?

    If you want full posts you just need to change the_excerpt to the_content within the search results template

    Thanks for the replies. Either option (full post display or clickable ellipses) would work for me. I’m just afraid that readers will not know to click in the title to read the rest of the entry and will be frustrated clicking on an unclickable ellipse. I’m not very comfortable with php so if you have any suggestions/instructions it would be much appreciated. Where can I see the search results template to make the _content change?

    In your theme files! If you go to appearance -> editor, you can see all the theme files for editing.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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