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    Hi there, I’ve searched the support posts but wasn’t able to find anything to resolve my issue. Hope you can help (so far I am impressed and happy with the plugin! thank you).

    So I get this Eliminate render-blocking resources suggestion from My site is still far from speedy (mostly due to my host) so I’d like to deal at least with render blocking situation.

    I have bunch of important (in terms of ux) CSS in the header, but I don’t mind if it will load after the content of the page is loaded.

    How do I prioritize / de-prioritize that?

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author Gabe Livan


    @mukopu3a The advice regarding eliminating render-blocking resources is given if at least one resource has to be loaded before the page is rendered. Sometimes, you need to have to render-blocking resources for the user experience and maximum compatibilities between themes/plugins. For instance, jQuery library. You can move it to the BODY tag, but in case you activate a plugin that inserts an inline jQuery code in the HEAD tag, then you will likely get an error like ‘jQuery is undefined’. That’s why you need to be careful.

    Another example is Google fonts. If they are render-blocking, the browser will render them instantly offering a good user experience, but with a longer waiting time. Some prefer to load the fonts asynchronously via webfont.js. The page will render quicker, but you will need for a split-second, a few seconds or more (depending on the user’s internet connection) a fallback font that will load instead. Usually, it’s one very similar to the one downloaded from Google fonts.

    If you don’t mind loading some CSS/JS in the footer, you have this option in the Pro version of the plugin as it supports moving the location of an asset. Also, by using the Lite version, you can unload useless CSS/JS from HEAD (if they load there) and reduce the number of render-blocking resources.

    Prioritizing/Deprioritizing what’s in HEAD or BPDY is up to you when deciding the user experience you want to offer.

    Great, Gabe! Thank you so much for the response… not sure that it solves my issue though. But as you’ve pointed out sometimes we have to render-blocking resources for the user experience and maximum compatibilities between themes/plugins…. In my case I am not worried about google fonts or jQuery (those are tiny). Rather than CSS menu and search on the mobile version in the header. It’s the must but if it will load slower than the content I don’t mind… Wonder how to achieve that, though…

    Also was wondering if your wonderful plugin is compatible with php 7.3 since WordPress insists on my immediate migration… Let me know, please… Thank you again!

    Plugin Author Gabe Livan


    @mukopu3a It all depends on what CSS/JS you’re loading for the CSS menu and search. Each site is different and in some cases moving (deferring) CSS to the footer could work. It needs to be tested properly though. The plugin is compatible with PHP 7.3 and has been tested up successfully with PHP 7.3.7. Looking forward to PHP 7.4 to run more tests and hopefully have a faster processing time of the PHP code.

    thank you Gabe, very helpful.
    I think my best move would be talking to my theme developer 🙂

    Hi there, Gabe, it’s me again. I have to follow up on that, unfortunately.

    It’s related to the duplicate headers and meta issue.
    So I talked to the creator of my theme and he told me that the theme itself doesn’t have SEO settings – so anything meta is created by the plugins I am using. And the only thing I use for SEO is SEOpress Pro.

    Maybe you can have a look at my website and make some suggestions? What can possibly trigger the issue? I’d really prefer to fix it.
    My website is
    Thank you in advance.

    Plugin Author Gabe Livan


    @mukopu3a Where do you see this issue with the duplicated headers? What meta-issues in connection with Asset CleanUp do you have? I’ve checked the source code of your website and it looks like the plugin works fine.

    so anything meta is created by the plugins I am using

    None of the meta tags from your website are generated by Asset CleanUp.

    Oh, I am SO SO sorry, Gabe,
    i was talking simultaneously with several developers and mixed you up with the guys from SEOpress (since your answers were the most comprehensive :)) )

    Sorry for the confusion again. Asset CleanUp is the best 🙂

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