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    Since Ivovic took such issue with me posting to a resolved issue (yet didn’t even get close to a solution to my problem), I will re-post as a new thread in the hope of a solution without the attitude.

    Previous thread:

    I’m trying to eliminate the border around the Seesmic video comment plug in and despite a couple of hours playing with style sheet I cannot get it to go away.

    See what I mean on this post:

    I don’t seem to have the styles referenced in the above reference post in my template (pSimple by

    The other important information is that my main content page also has this problem – boxes around linked images so I believe the issue lies with the main style sheet and not the single additional style added by the Seesmic plugin.

    Help is greatly appreciated.

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  • interesting that you’d be so wounded by my post instead of seeing that I really did make an effort to help you, and in a couple of ways.

    first, your plugin DOES have its own style-sheet as I pointed out… I even told you where it was.

    secondly, I pointed out that you’re just hurting your chances of getting a response if you post on “resolved” threads, because by definition, there’s nothing left to solve in there.

    So instead of being an arse about it, you could just say thanks.

    You think I didn’t get close to a solution before? watch how close I get now.

    Just add this to the bottom of your theme stylesheet:

    a img {border: none;}

    That will effect ALL images that are links throughout the site (unless overridden by a style somewhere else).

    If you only want it for the area below the comment box, then do it this way

    #commentblock a img {border: none;}

    A tool that can really help you with these CSS problems is Firefox’s “Web Developer” add-on. Very useful for this kind of thing.

    PS If this works for you, please mark the thread “resolved” – only the original poster or a moderator can do this.

    You can also just add border=0 inside img src tag.

    Much thanks to StrangeAttractor for solving my problem with a concise solution that took all of 2 minutes to implement. The boxes are now gone!

    My only advice to Ivovic is that you must not have much of a life if you feel it necessary to follow people around on forums and post troll comments. You might want to add “ignorant ass” to the bulleted list on your about page –

    Glad it helped. I actually spent some time reading your blog today and found it interesting enough to bookmark — good content & writing!

    anyone wanna point out how I was an ignorant ass for suggesting that posting a new problem to a resolved thread isn’t the best way to get attention?

    well, I guess he found a way to get plenty of attention after all, by being a whiny sack of crap.

    Sort of proves my point. Troll through and through.

    It’s wankers like you that make me regret offering assistance here. Try not being a leech for a minute in your life, then you’ll see who the troll is.

    Wouldn’t miss you at all…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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