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  • Nope, there is nothing specifically stunning about this site’s design or WP implementation. So don’t even bother clicking the link… 😉

    Elfenwald Ecovillage (mainly in German, English project summary available soon)

    Actually it is still “under development”, there are still some things to tweak with the modification of my theme (based on “Hybrid News” from Justin Tadlock,, there are still tooo many plugins and too much Javascript stuff slowing down the site (will be slimmed down, I just had to try out a couple of things), and a couple more things, let alone a lot of content.

    But looking at the work in progress might give some people who are also in the process of building mainly page-based sites with lots of text a few ideas of how to do or not to do things… *lol*

    The site is about a community/ecovillage project with a special twist, called “Elfenwald” (“Forest of the Elves”, in German). We are migrating from Germany to Paraguay during the next months and use this website to

    • explain our ideas and the “philosophy” behind it
    • make available lots of ideas and practical knowledge that come up when you live in a “different” way
    • attract people who are willing to get actively involved, either by coming with us and building the community, or by helping us out with an investment to buy a chunk of land and get us started.
    • ..and of course document the progress of the project.

    I recently migrated the site from DokuWiki to WordPress – not because Dokuwiki is “bad”, but WordPress is better suited for our needs – more expandable, has SEO advantages, and much more…

    so – cheers from another happy WordPresser…

    P.S.: in case you have any questions regarding things I have done on this site, plugins used, and so on – that’s what this thread is for… 😉

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