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  • Hello,

    I am having a weird issue with my website which I think might be to do with the Elementor plugin (as I have built the entirety of the site using mainly this plugin).

    Recently I have noticed things like some title fonts/colours/position on page not transferring from my elementor editing view to the live version. Also, there are some elements which are not transferring in any way like they should, for example like my about page. Please view the following imgur link to show what I mean, showing how I see it in elementor edit view (how it should look) and how it comes across live:

    Any suggestions would be most welcome as to how to fix this.

    Thanks in advance,


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I tried to pull up your actual site to see how the pages look. I can’t find the pages your displaying. Are you truncating the address bar to hide the actual page? I can’t find Team


    I noticed this yesterday as well.
    Adding padding and space is seen in edit mode, but not live.
    And ofcourse I cleared all cache multiple times, but it just does not seem to take..

    So far, no clue why this is happening.


    I’m not sure what you mean by that (not particularly website terminology savy)

    If you go on the website, just click on the about tab at the top.


    I just looked at your live site. I see the text is a different color than the first page. A grey rather than the white. Highlight the text and set the color again. I have run into this issue when I went back and forth from the WP editor to the Elementor editor.

    Did you change the star graphics? if you did, Which one is older?

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    Yes it is a different colour but I have no idea why. Whenever I go into elementor edit mode is appears the correct colour (white) & update, but then when I go to the live version it is still showing in the wrong colours.

    I didnt change the star graphics, again it shows perfectly in elementor edit mode.


    The “High End Kitchens—” link is upper case on one page and caps on the other.
    Open the page in both WP editor and Elementor editor and see if they are different there too. AS I was told, once you go to Elementor, never go back to WP.

    Morning Logo..


    I have been switching between wordpress and elementor edit views to check your suggestion. It does appear that the live version is showing elements of both edit views, for example the high end kitchens is as shown in the wordpress edit while the rest of the page is shown like I am seeing it in elementor.

    How does one go about changing it back?


    Seems some items that are different color and size are links. Links typo can be set as a default.

    One minor item, Why is the “About” main heading item clickable? Usually that is a heading and only the sub items are clickable. You can set that to unclickable if you like.
    (Just an opinion)


    It kind sounds like there is some previous styling going on in that page, that is not from Elementor? Could it be you styled this text before and/or copied it from a styled document? Or have you used some other pagebuilder in that page first? In that case that styling will overrule the default styling settings.

    When you look at it in the default WordPress editor mode and then click on the text tab, is there color styling that sets it to that grey color?

    What I would do is grab that text, put it in a clean simple text document that per default has not styling options. Then copy it from that non styled document back into Elementor.

    Make sure to clean all in that page and save, so nothing is left over.

    Evening Les! 🙂

    @ drealmuto,

    By the way, love the look of the site and logo!!!

    PS. clicking on the cookie notice “accept” does not do anything…

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    Hello again,

    After a few days, I’ve tried what you suggested, I.E copying the text from a blank word document and pasting it into elementor, then changing it to the correct styling, but it is still not showing correctly on the live version.

    It is really weird as the website has been running for a couple of months, and up until this point there was no styling problems at all, I don’t know what has caused it 🙁

    Is it worth me creating the front page again from scratch do you think?





    You did clean all of that page and saved, before you copied the unstyled text in there?
    Cleared all cache, if on a CDN like Cloudflare, do not forget to flush all cache there as well! Are there minification plugins active?

    What happens if, as a test, you start a brand new page, add that unstyled text in there, and style it in that new page? Does that work fine?

    By the way, you talk about a “blanc word document”.
    It should be a simple plain text notepad, so not an actual Word document, because those type of document processors have their own styling set by default that by copying and pasting it, might still get transferred to your page.

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    What do you mean by cleaning the page.. do I do this in elementor or wordpress editor?

    The list of plugins that are currently active are:

    Call now button
    EWWW Imgae optimizer
    GDPR cookie consent
    Google analytics dashboard for WP
    Header footer elementor
    Instagram feed
    Ocean Extra
    Smart slider 3
    Updraft plus
    WP anchor header
    WP fastest cache
    WPforms lite
    Yoast SEO premium

    Do you think any of those might be causing the problem?

    I’ve just tried copying a text from note pad on desktop to elementor, then styling it. I updated the page and look on live version and it still reverts back to a blue (for some reason) different style in the wrong size/position…

    This is so frustrating! Thankyou for your help so far!





    Yes, to make sure all is completely cleared, you should switch to default editor and hit the “text”tab. If there is still anything in there, completely delete it and save that page, clear all cache.

    Only then add the unformatted text from the notepad and save.
    See if the styling is now different and if new styling you add with the style option of elementor changes anything.

    I think you are using the OceanWp theme, so also look at your custumizer default styling of the theme.

    Go to Elementor > Settings > General and check the boxes “disable deafult colors and fonts” That way only the theme default styling will apply, unless you style it differently per page.

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