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    Popup Builder appears to be conflicting with the Elementor Plugin.
    It is blocking editing of pages. Process of elimination of activating and deactivating all of my plugins has shown that this plugin is the culprit.

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  • Same to us

    Dear @galerapublicidad and @hallenicolee ,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us and reporting this.

    We are sorry for the problem you had. Since both of the products are digital ones, it’s possible that both of them would work fine for one account whereas another account may have a problem.
    The reason for this is that each website is unique with the structure, scripts, etc.

    In any case, we are constantly working to eliminate any compatibility issues that may have occured.

    As for the problem: @hallenicolee , could you provide us with some more details on the problem you faced so we can reproduce and fix it? You can provide us with the error screenshot, tell us the steps you take before you get the error. Any other details crossing your mind would be helpful.

    Dear @galerapublicidad , could you please open another support thread and provide us with a detailed description of your problem too? It might look like the problems are the same from the first glance, but in reality the reason, the solution, etc. may be different. So in order to avoid any confusion, we are kindly asking you to open another thread.

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    Emily from Popup Builder Support has also been emailing with me but will provide details here until a solution is found.

    Elementor Version 2.9.13
    Wordpress Version: 5.4.2
    Astra Theme
    I do not have Elementor Pro.

    When I activate this plugin, and go to edit a Page with Elementor, I can add new blocks like images, but when I go to edit a Section by clicking on a block on my page already, the left widget panel is greyed out. According to Elementor, this means that there is a plugin causing conflict. You can read more on their website if you’d like.
    https://docs.elementor.com/article/184-cant-edit-with-elementor. I determined it was your popup by process of elimination of deactivating each plugin on my site one at a time.

    I attached a screenshot of what it looks like when the plugin is activated and greys out the widget panel, versus how it normally looks (and when I deactivate this plugin).
    Emily, from Popup Builder Support, has also been emailing with me but will provide details here until a solution is found.

    Screenshot of Error: https://ibb.co/f2SQz7P
    Screenshot of How it Should Work: https://ibb.co/qYvhBWr
    [images hosted on https://imgbb.com/%5D

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    Same behavior for us: Missing options when editing sections.

    WordPress 5.4.2
    Elementor 2.9.13
    Elementor Pro 2.10.3
    Popup Builder 3.68.2
    GeneratePress 2.4.2

    Dear @galerapublicidad and @hallenicolee ,

    Thanks for your messages.

    We will check this and get back.

    Thank you for your patience.

    I’ve the same issue with fresh WordPress installation + elementor 2.9.13 + Popup Builder 3.68.2

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    After working with Popup Builder Support, they have assessed that it is Elementor JS error. I have since reached out on the Elementor support forum for help. If anyone has Elementor Pro Support and can contact them, that would work too.

    Dear @galerapublicidad and @erisal ,
    Thanks for the detailed information.
    Although your problems seem to be the same, the solution for them may be different.
    For us to understand the issue completely and try to solve it, please, open a new thread.

    Dear @hallenicolee ,
    Thank you for your collaboration and for informing the other customers over here about the JS error.
    For now, we mark this thread as resolved, but, please, open a new one or connect us via live chat in case you will have any other issues.

    Not sure why is marked as resolved, Widgets on elementor doesn’t work: http://prntscr.com/tqi4c5

    Only deactivating your plugin it comes back working again.

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    Nothing has been done yet to correct the issue on Elementor’s end. I posted the issue on Github as well in hopes that the Elementor developers see it.

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    Dear @andrealves ,

    Thanks for your message.

    Such problems usually happen because of JS errors. And those errors depend on the wesbite configurations, themes, etc.

    In order to understand the exact reason for this, we may ask for the system info file and also some screenshot from the Developer Tools > Console section.

    Also, such problems may occur because of browser extensions.
    Thus we suggest checking and seeing whether the same problem occurs with the Incognito mode of the browser as well.

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