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  • Firstly, I would like to say that I’m by no means an expert at web design, the opinions below are based on my limited experience. I feel Elementor is a great idea but still needs a lot of work.

    I have been using Elementor and Elementor Pro (yearly subscription) for the past two months now.

    Initially, I thought this piece of software was pretty great and would ultimately save me time when building my website. There are a ton of YouTube videos both from Elementor themselves and various other channels to get started. Elementor has plenty of literature (Knowledgebase section) on its website to help as well. All good points so far.

    I gave two stars here because of Three major factors for me. 1- Support, 2 – stability issues, and 3 – Responsiveness and Web browsers.

    1) I found the support from Elementor to be a very tedious process and when I eventually got to send my issue to support. I received a less than adequate response with support asking for access to my website so that one of their team could view my website or If I like I can refer to the guidelines on their website. After 4 days I decided to change the whole design of my front page to avoid the issue altogether.

    2) Elementor and Elementor Pro are very unstable pieces of software. I have had to change designs multiple times as workarounds to elements not functioning properly. To be fair this could also be third-party plugins that are not compatible with Elementor. Multiple times the Elementor page builder freezes and won’t load. Other times it will load but is totally unresponsive. There have also been many many times when I have made changes to the elements on the page be it in sections, columns, or widgets. This is not only frustrating but also time-consuming. With most of the advise blaming some sort of caching either as a plugin or browser cache issue. So basically now, as a rule, I clear my cache multiple times a day to try safeguard from some frozen unresponsive issue. Once again unnecessary time wasted. I have found that every time Elementor Pro releases an update and I select the option to update within the plugin section of WordPress, the software does not work correctly, this has happened three times (version 2,9,2 version 2.9.4 and version 2.9.5) in the last two months. I have had to go back to the Elementor website and download the actual updated Zip files then install that way for it to actually work.

    3) The Editing Screen and your live version of your website are two very different views. What I mean by this is when working with pop-ups, animated icons, section heights and widths, column heights, and widths. You will notice a distinct difference between the two views. Only with actual device verification will you be able to discern what looks correct for multiple device platforms. (a very time-consuming exercise)
    This is made worse when you double-check the view in different browsers. I use Chrome as my default with firefox as an alternate option to compare and use developer tools to view different mobiles, tablets, and desktops. I know these are merely a guideline, however, the multiple variations are very disheartening when trying to create a functionally aesthetic site for your viewers. Having to settle for something much less than you envisioned.

    Side note: I have recently been trying to resolve the issue of creating a single post template that when you view the post in the post section of WordPress the post displays in the correct template format. However, when you view the post on the live website the post is only visible in the original theme post template and the Elementor Pro template has no bearing on the post what so ever. I have been on this issue for the past 5 days checking the net, youtube,, and Elementor support for a solution to this matter with no resolution. This is the reason I decided to post a review to help others.

    In closing, I have tried to be as honest as I can with this review. There are a lot more issues or minor glitches you could say with using Elementor that I have just got over complaining about and have decided to work with it as best I can. I do feel somewhat cheated that I paid for a full year upfront, but since I have paid I am of the hope that most of these issues will get resolved in the coming months.

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