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    I was working on a new site for about 6 hours today, I was making great use of the save as draft button and I was getting feedback stating that my work was saved. I could see my history building up in the side pane. I took a break and came back to my computer and started work on another page, when I referenced the homepage for some info I noticed that none of my work was there, just a skeleton shell. I had a full landing page saved as a draft and it is all gone. I cannot find it anywhere, and there are no revision to my work anywhere. I have attempted to follow the documentation to return to my saved work, no luck. Please help.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi, did you have any luck finding your lost drafts? I have had the same problem. Five days of work, saving as draft as I go. The work was there until I completely logged out of my account and now there is no record of it in Elementor Revisions. Any suggestions you have would be much appreciated.

    Sorry that happened. That must be very frustrating.

    Please check the Revision History doc at

    Keep in mind that unsaved work is stored in Actions and will disappear after the session is over. Saved work will appear in the Revisions tab.

    If there really isn’t anything there in either tab, I’m not sure what can be done.
    Future updates might work better if you read this doc:

    But increasing memory and doing the other things mentioned in that doc won’t help retrieve past items. Still, I’d check those things out so future updates work properly.

    I had saved the page correctly and saved all the changes. restart the pc and the elementor page loads on an old version. push update by mistake. there is no previous revision. I lost the job of a whole morning.

    I had this same issue today and am very disappointed. I lost a few hours of work after closing the page and coming back to hit. I had hit save as draft and receive the small notification that it saved properly about 20 times over the 6 hours.

    Saved my ongoing work as a draft but was left with just an empty page when I came back to it.

    In Elementor’s partial defence I was warned by the standard browser dialog about losing work if I left the page but I assumed, as I clicked the “Save Draft” button a couple of times, that it was actually saved.

    It seems to me that the “Save Draft” feature within the Elementor plugin does not work or has problems. I don’t think it is a memory problem as publishing content has always worked without fail – it is just saving as draft that didn’t work.

    It may be necessary to save draft after exiting the Elementor editor using the standard WordPress save draft buttons.



    I also had a similar problem. I have created a 10-page website with many hours of work. I wanted to edit the home page today and have found that all data has disappeared. I cannot edit the page with Elementor; only the default page can be viewed.
    I went to Pages/Revisions/Restore this revision but this will not restore the Elementor page.
    Has anyone any thoughts on this?

    I think I solved this. After messing with elementor, I saw that when you are editing your site, if you go to settings > status (which was marked as “published” for me) and change to “draft” I was able to save as draft and keep my work after I left the wordpress.

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    I just lost 8 hours of work on a new home page. I started by embedding a template page into a new page. I typically use the ‘Update > save draft’ action in the left menu lower right bottom. My last action was to save a draft, then go wash dishes. When I returned to review the page, the page content did not exist, but the menu updates and the media files for the page were intact. I had not logged out. The new page existed in the dashboard with the new name and some initial changes that had been published. All the new updates apparently never updated the page, although it indicated the draft page was being saved. No history was recorded and the revisions not listed. Very scary and certainly disappointing! A do-over takes half the time, but it’s still valuable time lost!

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