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    Morning All,

    Seeing as Elementor only offer support for paid users I’m struggling to resolve this issue.

    My website has been running fine for ages now, but since we got back in after the bank holiday my website doesnt seem to load images and other media while using Edge. Works fine on Firefox, Chrome and on mobiles. Ive tried rolling back to a previous version but still having the same issue.

    Anyone had this problem before?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    Can you try out some standard debugging to help narrow down the issue? The idea being that through deactivating plugins and switching to the original default themes, you can isolate where the issue is coming from.

    If you can install plugins, install “Health Check”: On the troubleshooting tab, you can click the button to disable all plugins and change the theme for you, while you’re still logged in, without affecting normal visitors to your site. You can then use its admin bar menu to turn on/off plugins and themes one at a time.

    Hi there Andrew,

    I already have Health Check installed but didn’t know you could do that. I’ll give that a try and see what shows up.

    Doing the health check didn’t really do anything. Disabling all the plugins through the troubleshooting send me to a blank page when checking it. But the odd thing I did notice, when I renabled the plugins an old widget I removed a while back suddenly reappeared and while in the “customise” section of my front page all images worked correctly.

    Also when checking the plugins while in troubleshooting mode im always getting an error.

    “When enabling the plugin, elementor, a site failure occurred. Because of this the change was automatically reverted.”

    looks like the items that are not loading are using the same class icon-generic. The URL is very cryptic

    content: -webkit-image-set( url(…hBMDDxRy/72O9FMnIFapGylsu1fgoBdkXfUHLrQgdfrlJN1BdYBjQQm3UAAAAASUVORK5CYII=) 1x, url(…oq3npu+wQUrUuJHylSTmBaespJyJQoObUeyxDQb3bEm5Au81c0pSCD8HYAAAAASUVORK5CYII=) 2x);

    I can’t tell if the url is from your site or connecting with another site. Maybe the images are being delievered from another site.

    Hi Mrtom, I have no idea what that is. All my media is uploaded from the work PC and kept in the wordpress media centre, so not sure what’s going on with the URL you supplied is or where its come from.

    Are these images or Icons ?? It looks like the class might be connected to Elementor icon manager. I don’t know Elementor only played with a few times. I would try asking on the Elementor site again.

    fixed it! (hopefully) I had a plugin installed which I never had any issue with previously called “autoptimise” Just uninstalled that and images are correctly loading again.

    Thanks to al that had messaged 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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