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    Hi There!
    I am a newbie and a beginner in using Elementor.

    I installed Elementor and LearnPress for my website to edit my courses. I want to edit my quizzes and lessons with Elementor. But I get the error –
    The preview could not be loaded – We’re sorry but something went wrong —….
    When I clicked Learn More, and then I followed all the steps given on that pages, but none of them worked.

    I have also checked that –
    1. Elementor is Working for Pages/Posts.
    2. Everything is fine on the website.
    3. PHP is latest.

    Please let me know how can I explain you further. I have enabled Lessons in Elementor settings too. Please let me know how can I fix this bug.!

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  • Hi,

    I do not use Learnpress but Sensei, but you can not edit that third party plugins styling with Elementor. This needs to be done with some css or ask the developers of Learnpress.

    In my case I asked the developers of Sensei and they provided some css to style.
    If you google, there might even be some plugin to style Learnpress, have you tried searching for that?


    Why not? Elementor is now World’s number 1 drag and drop plug-in. It offers to edit any page you want, at any theme.
    I went to Elementor setting, along there were posts and page ticked, I ticked lesson and course too. After all that I went to lesson page, and clicked *Edit with Elementor*. That was the journey.

    But at last, the error exist. Please let me know how can I troubleshoot.


    To be clear I am a user, not staf from Elementor -:)

    Do you want to style, or do you just want to be able to click on “edit with elementor” while creating a lesson?

    That last part, I can do in Sensei, so to create a new lesson, I can use elementor to do so. Is that what you mean?

    In that case, it might be some incompatibility with Learndash and Elementor, because I can do it with Sensei….

    Hey Please I am not talking about Sensei, please don’t discuss that here.


    Please see that I have already notified that I have followed every steps mentioned in the article. Please see the first post –

    @allroundernaman said:
    When I clicked Learn More, and then I followed all the steps given on that pages, but none of them worked.

    Elementor is not able to edit every possible page that a plugin may create. If there are Learnpress pages that aren’t editable via Elementor, then that means that Learnpress is creating these pages in a way that aren’t standard WordPress pages. You can get in touch with Learnpress to see if they have a workaround but it’s possible that the two just won’t work together.

    Probably. So we can’t do anything.
    I did enabled lesson and course in elementor setting too. But it doesn’t work.

    As I mentioned, Learnpress support might have ideas, but yes, it’s possible that there’s nothing that you can do.



    Hello good day

    I’m also having the same problem with the learn press.

    I bought the LingVico Theme and the learn press when enabled interrupts editing with the elemental.

    Does anyone know how to solve it?

    I’m in the same situation. Used elementor to develop some visual interactive elements for lessons I am creating, then discovered that I can’t add them into the lesson without an iframe which is frustrating.

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