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  • You recently sent out a publicity email in which you asked why I wasn’t using Forminator yet.

    Because afaics it isn’t integrated with Elementor.

    I don’t want to waste time if it isn’t yet working completely with my Pro pagemaker of choice.

    Any updates?

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  • mukulchawlaincsub


    Hey @patbell101

    I just gave it a try and Forminator forms should work just fine when used with the Shortcode element in the Elementor builder.

    Probably, instead of having to use the Shortcode element, you want Forminator to register an add-on with Elementor which adds a Forminator element in Elementor builder using which you could add/insert/edit the forms on the fly within the Elementor builder itself without needing to go to Forminator for editing the appearance of forms, choosing form behavior settings and then grabbing the shortcode to manually insert it via the Shortcode Elementor element? Is that what you are looking for? If that’s what you are looking for then we already have plans to build a Forminator add-on for Elementor for sure. But for now, you can still use the shortcode element to add a Forminator form using the Elementor builder and it should just work fine.

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