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    I love Elementor and think it is a great addition to WP. I am on a number of Elementor support forums and one of the most common issues that comes up about every other day is that when someone goes to Edit with Elementor, the screen freezes. After a little investigation, it appears it’s usually one of three possible issues.
    1. PHP version
    2. “Enable” Load
    3. WP memory limit
    I added a page to my test site to explain these solution rather than writing it out every time someone asked. it’s

    Question: Would there be a way to add something to the install or activate process that could check for these three obstacles so the user was told there system was not up to spec to install. This would drastically reduce the number of problems people had. I can’t imagine how many people just give up and go away. Anything that could help a new user avoid a bad experience.

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  • Hi Les,

    Its already there!
    Go to Elementor> System info
    It will highlight the things that need some more love and attention -:)

    That sounds like it’s almost there. Most people aren’t going to look there until someone tells them that’s where they should look if it doesn’t work. If this is showing weak spots that should be addressed, it would be great to pop up and tell the person on activation. It’s more of proactive approach but it would help reduce the stress on new users. What would be wrong with “Activation Failed – Php Version sub standard” or Activation Failed – Memory Limit to Low”

    Just throwing out ideas to help users get more comfortable with this great WP addition.

    I agree that would be handy.
    On the other hand, one might expect a newby to first learn to work with it.

    They do have a: and its right there under settings and tools:

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