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    I am using image carousel. I have added three images. Slides to show: 1. When I activate show caption, the captions of the three images are showing at the same time, thus overlapping and becoming illegible. Is there a fix? Thank you!

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  • paxto


    I am having same problem after upgrade.




    A patch version (2.7.1) came out that should take care of this issue.
    Could you upgrade Elementor to 2.7.1 and let us know if the problem persists?



    I did upgrade, but the problem persists.



    Could you share your image carousel configuration please?



    I’m having a (somewhat similar) problem. My carousel on mobile is now showing “pr ne” in the bottom right corner and the left/right arrows do not work.
    See image capture:



    @aethronos @linzerdesign

    Please share your full gallery configuration, so we can try and reproduce your problem.



    Content – Image Carousel
    3 images
    image size custom: 640×304
    sides to show: 1
    Image stretch: no
    Navigation: dots

    Aditional Options:
    Pause on hover: Yes
    Autoplay: Yes
    Autoplay speed: 5000
    Infinite loop: yes
    Effect: fade
    Animation Speed: 1300
    Direction: left

    Dots Position:outside
    size: 10

    Style – Navigation:

    Dots Position: outsite
    size: 10



    Again, no edits were made to the carousel in the last many months – seems to be a symptom of plugin…

    Content – Image Carousel

    • 6 images
    • image size (large): 1024×1024
    • slides to show: 3
    • slides to scroll: 3
    • Image stretch: no
    • Navigation: arrows and dots
    • Link:none
    • Caption: None
    • Additional Options:

    • Pause on hover: Yes
    • Autoplay: Yes
    • Autoplay speed: 3000
    • Infinite loop: yes
    • Animation Speed: 3000
    • Direction: left


    • Position: inside
    • size: 20


    • Position: Outside
    • size: 5

    Style – Image:

    • Vertical Align: Center
    • Spacing: Default
    • Border-Type: None

    Advanced Settings – NONE APPLIED

    – Content Width – Full Width
    All other settings are default

    Other problematic notes:

    • the dots are very large on mobile, not smallest setting as selected.
    • arrows do not work on mobile
    • upon pageload on desktop, one image of carousel appears very large for 1 second, then shifts into the actual carousel


    Thank you both for your input.
    Thanks to your input, we have identified the problem and it will be fixed in the next minor release of Elementor.

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    Hi @aethronos and @linzerdesign,
    Elementor v2.7.3 was just released, containing a fix for this issue.
    Feel free to update your version of Elementor and let us know if the problem you encountered is resolved in this new version.

    @udidol – THANK YOU! I just updated and cleared cache–looks great again. I so much appreciate your diligence and quick fix to the issue. Continued love for Elementor.

    It worked like a charm! Thank you for your effort and the great product.

    Elementor v2.7.3 breaks Elementor Slides. I upgraded a client site this morning, then had to roll it back.

    I am having the problem of sliding, the image is not sliding unless i clicked on arrow.

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