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    I am trying to edit my website using Elementor. But elementor loads up very slowly when I click “Edit with Elementor”.
    I tried disabling all my plugins, updating elementor to the latest and even creating new pages but none opens up quick. It literally keeps on the loading screen or just a white blank screen (not even a logo screen). It takes more than 15 minutes to load up a page to edit & sometimes more.
    I tried changing themes, updating WP and themes, elementor but none works.
    I am using ipage’s host. There is no issue on my other 3 sites, but this one is so slow.
    My internet is good and I don’t think its net issues. Maybe its hosting issue but another site is working good with elementor. I can’t give the site because it is in maintenance mode and can’t open till updating everything.
    PS: If I am missing anything please comment.

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  • henkmans


    I have the same issue. Extreme slow loading Elementor editor. Tried to change memory limits in wp-config, does not change anything.
    My Impression is that this started after update to wordpress 5?

    Plugin Author Yakir Sitbon


    Please try to switch WordPress default theme and try again..



    Tried it with default theme twenty nine. No difference. Takes almost a minute to load a simple post.



    Any suggestions anybody?



    There was something similar. This was decided by the initial htaccess configuration.

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    My sites too, it takes 1m 50s for the editor to load each time. I have tried everything applicable in this guide but it still hasn’t worked 🙁

    Elementor debugger is showing “Template File: No Templates for condition > OceanWP – page.php”.

    I’m using Elementor Pro and OceanWP, all plugins up-to date, I turned off plugins and change the theme but it still shows the bug with the active theme name.

    Any ideas?

    This is happening to me too. It takes so long it WON’T EVEN LOAD. All of my wordpress pages that are not elementor load fine. It’s JUST ELEMENTOR. I purchased elementor + astra, because it was supposed to be the FASTEST. It’s literally the SLOWEST. Any help from the developers??

    The slowness of elementor is making every single thing I have to do on my new website 10x as slow. I literally bought it ONLY because it was supposed to be faster. Then all of the trouble shooting steps you have to go through – that takes so much time too! We don’t have time to be trouble shooting for days on end. I’m a freelancer, I have no time! Even if the trouble shooting steps work, I can’t be spending my time being an IT tech support to myself when I jsut want to create a simple page. It’s so frustrating!

    This is definitely a case by basis because I’m not experiencing this on any of my sites (multiple hosts) but I have had similar experiences with certain clients web hosts where the server security is very strict or not up to date supporting the heavy use of admin ajax. If you open your browser’s console (right click inspect, console, in chrome) and see any errors, specifically 5XX but also JavaScript errors, could be your hosting environment is not responding (stealth firewall, cacheWall, other blocking mechanisms) to certain types requests they think are questionable. If you paste any errors you find in the console, it might give us a clue as to what is the problem. Just like your personal computer not being the same or as current as the next person’s pc, web hosts are also very different in the same way, which makes it impossible for Elementor to anticipate or fix in many cases.

    Also would be helpful to see Elementor’s built in log results too. With these clues maybe we can figure it out.

    Hi Philip,

    Thanks for your input. I also didn’t experience this before with Elementor, it was running really well until about 3 weeks ago and I can’t think of anything that has changed at that time. I’ve done all of the upgrades etc they recommend.
    I inspected my page and see this recurring error.

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'pageYOffset' of undefined
        at a.fn.init.offset (load-scripts.php:10)
        at a.(/wp-admin/anonymous function).(anonymous function).refreshPositions (http://[my domain]/wp-admin/load-scripts.php?c=0&load%5B%5D=underscore,jquery-core,jquery-migrate,backbone,shortcode,utils,wp-util,wp-backbone,media-models,moxiejs,plupload,wp-plupload,jqu&load%5B%5D=ery-ui-core,jquery-ui-widget,jquery-ui-mouse,jquery-ui-sortable&ver=5.0.3:71:12628)

    I have opened at ticket with Elementor support and will reply with any resolutions.

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    Hi Mitch, hopefully your support ticket will shed some light on the template issue.

    Just FYI on the Elementor Log, the errors are not cleared out even if the issues are corrected so one can easily get confused and think even after switching themes/disabling plugins that the error remains, not realizing the error is time/date stamped from before you switched themes and disabled plugins so be sure to verify the error persists and it’s not just an old one from before your troubleshooting efforts.

    Because of this I often delete the elementor_log row in my wp_options table in the database using a tool like phpMyAdmin. This way I only see *new* errors in the log.

    Regarding the javascript error, pageYOffset is not supported below IE 9, just FYI.

    pageYoffset is a utility used to determine the scroll distance from the very top of the page and an Uncaught TypeError, depending on where it is called in the code, can definitely break a javascript application and result in what appears to be a page forever loading. However it’s likely due to the script looking for page content (of which to determine vertical offset) that isn’t there yet, hence the “undefined” part.

    The biggest clue for me thinking it is web host related is the fact that it does eventually load vs never loading. This sounds very much like a resource limit/throttling mechanism usually as a security precaution by your hosting provider.

    The advice I received from Elementor support was that my website is extremely slow to load, scoring 3/100 on Google PageSpeed. I also checked on Pingdom and it was a similar 7 seconds loading. I’ve seen compressed images and turned off a couple plugins.

    The other advice was “This might be hapenning for verious reasons one of which could be due to poor server speed. Kindly check with your server admin / hosting provider on this. One of our sugestions is try a cache plugin for WordPress and minify manually your CSS/JS. In PageSpeed report it told us what CSS/JS are blocking the first rendering, which you can use to set manually in the cache plugin.”

    I will speak with my host, I had really quick Elementor loading speed at 7am this morning so I’m suspicious whats going on.. I haven’t got a cache plugin so need to try that too.

    However, I created a new blank page and it still reported 4 seconds to load with 63/100 score. There seems to be a lot of JS bloat coming from Elementor, Elementor Pro and OceanWP and Ocean Extras. I’m not sure what I can do about that apart from change theme and builder…

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