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  • cannot get elementor editor back to edit page. Tried switching themes (2016), taking of plugins but did not work. It was working before but I’ve had this issue and had to recreate the site on my network. It worked until I mapped the domain. I’ve tested on sites which have mapped domains and the elementor seems to work but once activated no editor panel available.

    It works on other sites in my network that don’t have a domain name mapped. Is this a known issue – is there a way that it can be overcome without making my multisite unstable or unsecure (or both). Need to know if it can easily be resolved

    I also tried to enable debug mode in config file but got an error

    see info of errors (if this may help)

    ****system info from elementor***

    pastebin link

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  • Plugin Author Yakir Sitbon


    The errors is from other plugins (like seedprod-coming-soon-pro).. It’s not from Elementor.

    By the way, I don’t know why Elementor not working on your site with Domain Mapping active. If you active this plugin for subdomain is still not working as well?

    I’ve definetely seeing a pattern where any sub domain ie it works ok

    but a site with mapped subdomain elementor editor is not accessible

    ie which I’ve just tried doesn’t work for me

    in the admin panel the Permalink:

    Im not sure if this can be changed somewhere.

    I’ve deactivated all site wide plugins and 2016 theme is being used. So not sure what can be done.

    Hellooo…would like some kind of follow up here! As it stands it seems I cannot use elementor on a multisite when the domain name is mapped. I choose Elementor over Beaver Builder because I thought you supported multisite fully. Is this something that can be overcome in the set-up have i got use another page builder for sites like this? I have a very impatient martial arts club owner wanting to know why I cannot update the page that was built on Elementor! please get back with some kind of answer or even solution. Willing to give you admin account if it would help. I think I’ve given all details. Would like to use Elementor going forward on my Multisite.Thanks.

    Hi @thev,

    Could you please contact us here?


    Hi is this just for raising an issue, I was hoping for some sort of resolution through support/suggestion on how I can overcome this issue. I’m happy to raise an issue/bug fix but wanted to know what you thought would be a resolution. I presume issues in git hub will be dealt with in due course, but is this something you have not come across before? and hence a solution or suggested course of action in a short time frame. Sorry I’ve got to push back as I need to come up with a course of action very soon. Would i have to shift this site to single wordpress (non-multisite) to immediately resolve it?

    I’ve added an issue to your github page – can you let me know if there is anything I can do in the men time to try and overcome this issue?

    As a workaround, you can still edit Elementor pages when domain mapped by temporarily disabling the “Primary” status of the domain (set in the Network Admin – Settings/Domains menu area). After editing, re-enable to make domain redirects function properly on the frontend.

    I would recommend a setting in Elementor (or smart code) for this situation that most likely will affect all WP multisite installs using Elementor.



    Hey guys! Thank you for the help above, but I have the same problem and I used the temporary fix of disabling the primary status, but I will like to know of a permanent solution. If anyone can help me that wold be great?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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