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    Hi there,

    My contactpage is loading very slow because i’m using a background youtube video (embedding).
    I contacted my host and they told me the video is 6mb and the website is made for 2 mb (each page).

    I followed the constructions on a youtube chanal for building a website with elementor, from a guy who used also a youtube video (backgrouned) and pictures. His website didnt get slow after using a background video.

    My host told me to the only solution is to get rid of the video.

    I’m new with building a website and spent hours, maany hours to build my contactpage;).

    So i will be very dissapointed if i have to get rid of my video.

    Is there any plugin or other solution to solve this problem?

    I noticed a plugin for youtube videos to start only when you use the play button, but my video needs to play right a way.

    I hope you guys understand the message, english is little rubbish.

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  • You will need to reduce the size of that video. There are various ways of doing that, which you can find online by searching for “reduce video file size”.

    Thanks for replying!
    It’s saddly not possible to confirm the video, because its a youtube online video. I’m using the videolink in elementor and it has to load the video on my website from youtube.
    I dont know why it makes my page really slow and other websites who also using this tool are working fine.



    That particular video is just too large. You’ll either need to reduce its size, or use a different, smaller video.

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