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  • Hello everyone,

    I switched from Wamp to Local by Flywheel for Local wordpress development.
    and it seems that I cannot get Elementor to function correctly under the flywheel operation.

    The problem: The Save as Template and Template section while editing a page/post with elementor does not work. ( You get the infinite Loading screen.)

    Normally this is a problem with not enough memory, however, I have alotted 1GB of memory to the website/WordPress/local by flywheel.

    Does anyone know how to make Elementor work correctly with local by flywheel?

    Any help is much appreciated,

    Thank you.

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  • Sorry this does not answer your question but I would like to ask so maybe I can learn something. What is the purpose of loading WP locally? What benefits does that provide in developing a website? Totally in the dark on this one.


    I used local by flywheel with Elementor on my MacBook Pro 8go with no issue as you described. When you say you’ve allocated 1go memory to Local what do you mean there?
    What configuration did you choose in Local for PHP/apache/mysql ?
    For LesTexas60 my usage of Local is for 1 wp I have 1 dev site where I tested new plug-ins I would like to implement without touching the production, I have a staging site which I use as a “backup” site of the production it’s also there I write my post then when all is OK I transfer everything on my production website hosted external. When on my production website receive comments then I mirror it on my staging website on Local to be sure I always get a duplicate.
    I work on IT Finance projects related and it’s like that the IT guys works several environment mainly to test new features on a dev environment before putting it on production in order to avoid to break your production website.

    @eterud Have you set up XDEBUG with PhpStorm or VSCode? If yes you should be able to step through line-by-line to see where it is getting hung up.

    @lestexas60 – Development locally on your own computer allows, among other things quick and easy local line-by-line debugging using XDEBUG and PhpStorm or VSCode. Also, what @bkantique said.

    Honestly, if I had to go back to development without local development I would change careers!

    Thanks for the feedback, it’s always educational
    Can I assume you two do a lot of coding?

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    Hey thank you for your responses!

    @bkantique My local laptop is not connected to the internet at all, so I have the basic environment that you get when you first install Local by Flywheel.
    (Nginx, PHP 7.2, Mysql 5.6x)

    For the memory allotment, because it is a Nginx server and you do not have the php.ini I added a define(); to wp-config to allow 1GB of memory.

    @mikeschinkel I only have the standard Debug installed that came with the local install, that one says that my site is not able for that style of debug.

    Funny thing is that if I copy the site over using duplicator (or manually) to wamp, it all works perfectly, so I doubt it is a fault in the .php code.

    @lextexas60 I like local productions as it allows me to work on my website while not having any internet connectability. I live on a ship and internet costs about $5 per hour and it would be too slow to upload or download anything.

    Because of this I build my site, set the settings to allow for maximum automation, and minimum actual time on the site.

    I create everything locally, then either use Duplicator (or manually) to upload big changes to the site. or I use the export function to add small changes such as Posts, woocommerce products, pages and more. then use a search and replace plugin to change all the URL’s from Local to live settings.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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