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  • I have a wordpress portfolio site. A colleague has a wordpress site hosted elsewhere. I would like to put recent projects that we worked on together on both sites.

    I’d like any post on my site with the category “colleague” to automatically post on the other site.

    Can I set up rss to do this? If so, can I add a thumbnail of the project?

    I’ve never done rss feeds and the info I’ve found is about comments or general posts and how to open rss up to everybody. Can rss be limited this way, like a private feed? Is there a different way?

    All pointers appreciated.

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  • Pointer: the Codex, the online documentation. You start always there first.
    WordPress_Feeds (hint: section #3)

    Yes, I saw this:

    You can also provide feeds to only specific categories on your site by adding the following to the end of the link:

    But I don’t want a link. I’m trying to make a “private” rss feed to automatically push data to another site. I realize this isn’t a typical application of rss feeds and obviously know nothing about this.

    So, could I:
    – have the category for colleague
    – make sure that category doesn’t display on my site
    – [magic to make the category an rss feed]
    – have a category on the colleagues site that pulls in the rss feed and styles to match that site.
    – [include image url from my site so the colleague site can have a bigger image than a thumbnail]

    The big question is #3, the magic bit. Do I need to take the rss code of the header for all pages? But put it in a header only for the colleague category? But if the category doesn’t display, how would that header ever be called?

    The pulling in part of the feed to the colleague site should be easy to figure out but I can’t wrap my head around how to push feed out of my site.

    You don’t “push” anything. It is there, it exists from the beginning.

    You do need the link because you display the feeds on another site (or wherever) by using exactly that link for the category.
    There is a short tutorial how to do it: Function_Reference/fetch_rss

    You can hide categories if you search for the proper plugin (advanced category excluder)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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