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  • I am on a Mac, and elegant grunge works fine for me, but ALL the users on windows internet explorer who look at my photoblog are getting tiny thumbnails instead of the regular sized image, i searched the forum, and found ONE topic about it, but it was unresolved… I want to use this theme so badly but i can’t figure out how to make everyone on internet explorer refresh the page to make it work… i could write it on the sidebar, but i just don’t think people will read it…. besides, i think that’s unreasonable, i think the theme should just work… any help you can give me would be GREATLY appreciated!!! my blog is at


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  • I just tested it in Windows WP with FF3.5, IE7 and IE8 and it works fine.

    yes it works fine SOMETIMES

    one guy, he restarted IE and it’s been working fine ever since, but every single one of them had the problem, and that was 3 people i asked to look, man i hope everyone’s not just going to say it looks good for them n’ stuff

    ok well, way to go board, and Michael Tyson, thanks for nuthin’… now, after i have gone to all the trouble of importing my entire photoblog into wordpress i will have to give up on using wordpress at all for another couple years until they start catering to photobloggers in a way that WORKS….

    I have IE7 it shows very small thumbs – the thumbnail links work showing your full size slide show – there is a hack for this somewhere – you’ll find it – not sure if its in the codex or not – search IE7 hacks troubleshooting photos etc. Just started on this stuff and not much help…

    oh thank you so much joe, i will let you know if i find it and if it works!!!!! i’m so excited now!!! thank you thank you!!!!

    i’m searching all of the support forums, for ‘IE7 hack’ as that returned the most results….. can’t find anything!! i found the codec link, somewhere, but really couldn’t make sense out of it, it took me to some wiki site…. so i don’t know where this hack is, or what post it’s posted as ‘resolved’ in, but i can’t find it!!! help? sniff sniff :(…..

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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