• This plugin has already come so far and it is clear there are plenty more great features and updates to come. WordPress has needed a tool to help bring order to the chaos of WordPress’s beautiful yet crazy ecosystem of free repository plugins and custom 3rd party plugins.

    I LOVE the Vault feature in the Pro version. It’s the type one thing that once you see the value of it in your workflow, you really just can’t go back. It’s never been more fun and simple and easy to “frankenstein together” a WordPress site using your own catered list of your fav plugins inside and out of the official WP repo all conveniently inside your dashboard!

    My one minor request please: pleaseee allow us to edit “Bookmark Categories” after we create them, and allow us to edit them on the fly when we’re adding a plugin to a category! Also… please add a “Category” function for the 3rd party plugin vault as well. It’s a great idea that should be expanded upon.

    Anyway, 5 stars it’s never been easier to give it to an up-and-coming tool. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Eazy Plugin Manager. 🙂

    Smithy Fresh, “Action Potential”
    🐈‍⬛</img>Panther Productions

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