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  • I am using Elbee Elgee with random custom header. Preview looks fine, but when viewing live, the left half of the header looks to be under a film. Ideas?

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  • Does anybody have a tip on how to solve my issue?

    What’s the URL? Pretty sure I know what you’re talking about but I’d like to take a closer look.

    I do not have this up on a public URL, yet. I will work on this today. Thx

    Hi ZaMooze, check it out at:

    ok, I have more about this one. The left half of the header looks to be under a film, in both firefox and IE. Also, in IE, if not in compatability mode, the letters in the header are not prominent, and the menu is veritcal, not horizontal.


    Please see the last item in my FAQ. (“Q: How do I remove the 50% shading in the header?”)

    As for IE — I use a Mac exclusively and thus cannot recreate the error you are describing. Can you take a screenshot? What version of IE?

    Thanks on the 50%. That fixed it. Now my issues are with IE v9. The header font is “grayed out”. And, the menu is horizontal, unless I hit the compatability button. The comp button does not fix the “grayed out” text. How can I give you a screenshot?

    Also, I would like to place our logo above the header-left side (not over) and add phone number above header-right side.
    Thanks for all of you help!

    Is it possible to add a logo on the left before header, and a phone number on the right before header?

    Not quite sure I follow what you’re asking. Could you perhaps diagram it out a bit better, at least in re: the logo?

    If you’re looking to keep the background color/image but add a logo, I would just add the logo to the left of the #blogtitle span and add padding via your child theme’s CSS.

    As to the phone number, you could add that to the lblg_print_bp_menu() hook.

    check out my test site: I did a hokey work around by putting our “logo” on the images, that are used in the random header. What I would like to do is “move” that logo above, or before, the header, on the left of the page, and add teh phone number on the right of the page, above the header.

    thanks for your help.

    I would do most of this work in CSS. I would add a background image to the #blogtitle span ID for the logo and then pad the text to an appropriate degree.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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