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  • Al principio, todo parecía ir bien, hasta que al probar una funcionalidad de uno de nuestros plugins, comenzó a fallar y al principio no sabíamos porque, hasta que finalmente después de ir deshabilitando uno por uno los plugins dimos con que el problema era de este. Nos pareció raro pues… aparentemente tan solo deberia de ocultar o no permitir ver el dashboard, es un plugin simple, pero parece que hace y causa otras cosas que no nos gustan demasiado.

    Además, tras oír otros comentarios donde se indican otros defectos, temo por la seguridad de mi sitio. Por lo tanto, buscaremos otra alternativa a este plugin. Una pena, pues, era sencillo y hacía “en teoría”, lo que se pedía.

    Sospechamos que la causa del problema con este plugin es la redirección forzada, la cual, no se puede evitar, pero no estamos seguros… Esto es algo que tiene que arreglar el desarrollador.

    Esperemos noticias pronto del desarrollador.

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  • Plugin Author Drew Jaynes


    Hi Sinzeta,

    I’m going to reply in English if that’s OK.

    Original message (translated):

    At first, everything seemed to be going well, until when testing a functionality of one of our plugins, it started to fail and at first we didn’t know why, until finally after disabling the plugins one by one we found that the problem was this . We found it strange because … apparently it should only hide or not allow you to see the dashboard, it is a simple plugin, but it seems to do and cause other things that we do not like too much.

    Also, after hearing other comments where other defects are indicated, I fear for the security of my site. Therefore, we will look for another alternative to this plugin. A pity, then, it was simple and did “in theory” what was required.

    We suspect that the cause of the problem with this plugin is forced redirection, which cannot be avoided, but we are not sure … This is something that the developer has to fix.

    Let’s wait for news soon from the developer.

    There should be no reason to “fear for the security of your site.” This is actually a pretty simple plugin: if a user doesn’t have the given capability they are prevented from accessing the admin via a forced redirect.

    In the WordPress admin, there is no “set X to hide the dashboard” setting. Every single user has access to the dashboard in some form, so the only way to completely shut off access to certain users is to redirect those users back out of the dashboard to a page on the front end.

    It would be helpful if you could provide some context for what isn’t working so that we can figure out if maybe the redirection script is catching valid requests it shouldn’t be.

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