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  • Hey there all just wanted to get some feed back on my new WP 2 theme Yellehs was my last theme and since then I haven’t really done much but this is going to be my next theme release when it’s complete. It’s not quite done but getting close.

    Anyways just wanted to get some feedback from the community. Keep in mind this theme was designed for the minimalist bloger.


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  • No feedback at all?

    You misspelled categories in your header.

    Clean and svelte. I like it.

    VaamYob thank you for catching that 🙂 its all fixed.

    Although I’m a fan of simple themes, I think this looks a bit incomplete. I can’t quite put my finger on it (maybe the dificulty I have in distinguishing one post from another, or different areas within the page). It’s nice and simple. I like that. But it looks incomplete somehow.

    It is a nice theme. I think roll overs and a little change between posts would make it better. It does look like a work in progress.

    great input guys, thanks. i am for sure considering a way of distinguishing between posts. and i like the roll over idea i didn’t think of that


    If you created a complementing footer grapahic like the one in the header, that would “bind” the page well.

    In single post mode, the width of the post entry is larger than the header, you should ensure that it doesn’t do that.

    When I click on a specific category, it would be nice to have some indication that i’m indeed browsing that catetgory.

    That’s about all I could come up with for now. 🙂


    Nice good thoughts Cypher. 🙂 thanks so much guys

    ” In single post mode, the width of the post entry is larger than the header, you should ensure that it doesn’t do that. ” — Can someone please elaborate on this, as I do not see this happening and I am using firefox 1.5 does this happen in other browsers?

    You misspelled “Articles” in your header.

    Ok guys I have listened to what you said and implemented most of your thoughts and ideas the only one i am a little hesitant about is the nav button rollovers, while i do think this would make it look sharp i guess i am really just indecisive as to wither or not i should do them CSS or JS any thoughts?

    I think the changes look good. I would suggest a couple more changes:

    1) Somehow distinguish the site name and random quote header part from the posts section. (Maybe make this section gray instead of alternating posts?)

    2) Add some kind of border to the sides, or change the bg color of the posts – something which makes it easy to keep my eyes more focused on the main content.

    Something you may also want to consider is a more definitive post title. Maybe make the post title with a gray bg (if you’re going with the gray/white theme) and use that as a demarcation between posts. Also, making the post title bold. (I noticed you’re just using an anchor tag for your post titles. Why not use an h2 tag?

    I think what you have is coming along quite nicely. Simple, light, and easy on the eyes. Are you planning on making this into a downloadable theme? I wouldn’t mind playing with this around a bit on my own site. I think it has a lot of potential for pliability.

    Finally, consider using table-less CSS for future designs. As it is, there’s not much to your code, which is great, but table-less design may make your site easier on the mobile-browser crowd (myself included) over the long haul, as well as on the folks using accessibility technologies (again, myself included.) Besides, it’s good for SEO 😀

    well i can;t thank you guys enough for all the great feed back I will continue to develop this theme, and yes I will post this theme for download then I feel its ready to go.

    Also yes I would like to try get more away from tables and maybe make the theme all modules or something we will see.

    just wanted a little more input what do u guys think about the border and background change?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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