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  • Hi, I’ll start off by admitting that I’m a rank beginner at this. I got WP installed through the one-click installation on my host last night. Then I followed instructions to convert my Diaryland journal to MT format so I could import it to WP. That seemed to work, and when it was done, it popped up with the “have fun” link at the bottom like it was supposed to.

    However, only the latest entry showed up. I ran the import function again, in case I’d done it wrong the first time. Again, it seemed to be happy, but this time the only entry that showed up was some random one from 2004. That one showed up as a draft, so I’ve been looking for a drafts folder to access the other ones, but no go. There is no list at the top (or the bottom) of the write page, and there is no draft button on any of the other pages. Been through them three times looking. I tried to import yet a third time, and only got that same weird entry again.

    I’m very much hoping that this is something simple that I’m just not seeing, and if anyone could point me to it, I’d be obliged.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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