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  • I’m either doing something really stupid or it’s really obvious cause it’s a simple thing I’m wanting to do with my site.

    I have a number of static page titles that don’t appear the way I want them to on the site. I’ve tried adding blank spaces to the text so the line break will be the way I want it to appear, but WordPress doesn’t register/recognize the spaces. Ive tried an underscore but this then appears on the menu.

    There has to be a ‘method’ so that I can have the page title be the way I want it to look on the site and it doesn’t affect the custom menu. All I need is blank spaces so I can have a line break in the title at a place I want it and for they spaces not to be noted by the menu.

    And there also has to be someone out there that knows and is going to let me know.

    Or maybe I’m wrong on both counts, story of my life man.

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  • Moderator kmessinger


    You can do it like this, Put a break<br />in this title
    Results here,

    The menu will have to be adjusted with css.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Front-end developer

    If you’re referring to this thread: – In that thread you aren’t providing enough information and you haven’t waited long enough.

    With regards the last post, I know 10 hours isn’t long to wait, I’ve been scratching my woodwork on this for three days, I posted something similar a day or so ago and again no response. I know it’s all done out the goodness of the heart, but please understand how brain dead one ends up feeling being stumped over something that appears so simple to resolve. I’ve tried all sorts of different ideas to no avail.

    Anyway, with regards the former, checked out the link and yeh that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. You say the menu will have to be adjusted with css, why do I feel I’d have been better taking up brain surgery than attempting to build a site?! Any chance of giving me a clue what that means.

    Moderator kmessinger


    All the elements like fonts, spacing, etc. are controlled by css. To find out what css is controlling what element use the developer tools that come with most browsers. The one I like best is a FireFox extension called FireBug. Once you have identified the css you can change it. The best way to do that is a child theme. Otherwise your changes will get overwritten when there is an upgrade to the theme.

    Moderator kmessinger


    Sorry, there is no assistance on the test site. If all this is too much (and I understand it can be over-whelming you might want to look at putting your site on Never had a site there but I know many folks start out there.

    I thank you very much for your response sir. I guess I was maybe hoping for a fairy godmother to give me the answers but I’m unfortunately too well aware that life dont work that way.

    I’ll check out the links and I’ve obviously got tons to learn. o well.

    I thank you very much for your response sir. I guess I was maybe hoping for a fairy godmother to give me the answers but I’m unfortunately too well aware that life dont work that way.

    I’ll check out the links and I’ve obviously got tons to learn. o well.

    I bought a book on WordPress by Matthew MacDonald and being a Scot and also being biased I thought there’d be something to offer on my endless problems. Can’t find a magic wand in the book.

    To be honest I just don’t understand how trying to do something so basic is seemingly turning out to be so difficult. I’ve trawled previous posts thinking there’s tons of folks like me that have had this problem, but no-one, nobody seems to have had this problem. So how come there isn’t someone out there with that magic wand?

    I’ll take the comments noted above and see what I can do.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Front-end developer

    So how come there isn’t someone out there with that magic wand?

    All people on forums can do is give advice. Implementing that advice may be what you’d get if you hire someone. Otherwise it’ll be you who’ll be waving the magic wand.

    Ok. Thanks for that Andrew, much appreciated.

    It’s 2. 04am where I am and my wanderings around different books, different searches of this forum and of-course not forgetting the endless messing about with the site has all resulted in me getting a really bad headache.

    I’ve not received any positive advice with regards my issue. My sarcasm often gets me into trouble and it has once again on this occasion.

    The magic wand can be given a shake in my direction if anyone has that wand.

    Tommy, I think the question was a little vague. I read it a couple of times before I got the gist. If I got it correctly, your problem is with your page title as it appears on the top of each page before the article text. That you would like it separated differently as written there and not change how it appears in each menu listing. Sorry if I got this wrong.

    The page title is put in automatically by WP at the top of the page text. Spaces made in the menu or page title upon creation won’t change it. You can check for customizations in your theme for entry-title to see if you can change it’s behavior.

    One way you can do this if your theme is not able to change entry-title … what you have to do is have a child theme css (not going in detail here on how to do that) so you can change that particular behavior. In you child theme after the import code from main theme put this line…
    .entry-title { display:none; }

    There will be no title automatically placed on your page. That allows you to type in your own title on each page the way you want it. Drawback, need to style this title text, you have to know some css and how to use it: To style size and color, you will have to know the main themes css to use on your title in the text tab, write your own styling css in your child theme for it or just be happy with black and bold regular text.
    Hope that helps.

    It certainly has Willowcase. I’ve clearly got a lot of work ahead of me. Yeh I know what I mean but it’s often hard to express, my apologies if I ended up being a bit vague. It’s just when I give a page title in WP, if it’s too long where the line breaks to the next doesn’t appear good on the site and simply to add some blank spaces would allow me to have the line break where I want. It’s just that the blank spaces are then on the menu which looks even dafter.

    Instead of the aggro I’m thinking of just leaving the line break on site as they are, there’s so many other things I need to do with the site. Delving into the CSS stuff is something I’m trying real hard to avoid.

    Thanks so much for your reply man, it’s really appreciated.

    Customizing WP is going to be work. I can be vague too in explaining also. I also may over or under read a question. I understand your frustration. One tip I can give you if you aren’t comfortable with css to do your customizing…
    Look into your themes customizing capabilities in the dashboard (sometimes called Theme Options or Theme Customizing). There are some themes that allow dashboard customizations you don’t have to do your own css changes. Depending on the theme, you might be able to:
    Change the width of the sidebar menu (don’t forget to adjust both halves sidebar and content.
    Change the font size for top menu and/or sidebar to possibly allow adjusting the way you prefer it to look.

    Also, look into the Menu section. On a custom menu, in the drop down parts of each page link, there is usually a place where you can actually type in what you would rather have the link say. Will not change the page title or actual link, just what it says in the menu.

    That is all probably pretty vague, however, a full going over of all customizing is more than the help forum provides. I just hope it can help a little with your efforts. I know you didn’t know, but it isn’t ‘man’, but you are welcome for your thanks. I appreciate it very much.

    I think you’ve sorted my problem for me. Excellent stuff Willowcase, thank you very much man.

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