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  • Installation and configuration was an easy task, settings are obvious.

    However, the final result was not convincing:

    1. It was impossible for me to add a gallery showing just one image as preview (always all selected photos appeared on the page). Not sure, maybe this is a thing that could be achieved manually by using a “selector”.

    2. At gallery preview, captions were shown for each image on mouse hover. Unfortunately, no way to get rid off them easily (except deleting directly from image record, but that was not an option since captions are needed in other situations). In addition, captions were displayed in black text color on dark background, unreadable.

    3. I never managed to apply a lightbox effect to a single image. It just did not work, regardless my configuration settings.

    Anyway, I must confess that I tested it on two non-standard themes, so maybe (or maybe not) it works on WordPress default themes – but I hadn’t time to analyze the problems further.

    Summary: It’s a fairly decent plugin and lightbox effects are nice once they work (I liked especially the featherlight script). Anyway, too many (little) things that I found not satisfying.

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