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  • I’m very new to wordpress but am excited with the all cool things you can do. The context is that I run a college newspaper website and we currently use college publisher but are looking to switch to wordpress. I’m testing it out right now to make sure it can do everything we want it to.

    I know you can assign writer credit easily, even click on the name and it will show you everything that user as written. Is possible to have similar functionality for picture and media credit? I’ve looked at other wordpress sites haven’t seen it being used. If this hasn’t been done yet, do you think it’s possible to do?

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  • I am in an identical situation – moving from College Publisher to WordPress – and I’ve yet to find an existing solution. If anyone knows of anything or is working on something like this, I’d also appreciate hearing about it 🙂 It’s really important that our photographers have a portfolio of work on the site like the writers do.

    It is a little bit more difficult, except if the author of the picture or media IS a registered author in your blog. Because the feature you described is based on wordpress database.
    What you can always do is to use the caption feature to include the author name, and a link to any page he asks for (for example the one where you found the work)

    If the author is a registered author in your blog, it easier because you can use all author() tags (look at the codex)

    A media is a post in the table, so it has an author. To display it on the author page “just” need to modify the query to include these kind of posts. Which should be rather easy if you have a little programming knowledge.

    My Media Credit plugin should make this easy. I made it for exactly the same reason you guys want it – we moved from CP to WP and needed to display credit in a nice way.

    Let me know if this works out for you or if you need help using it.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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