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  • You have to insert them in your theme … but to do that, you should at have knowledge least about html, better a brief understanding of php.

    I tried everything I downloaded an i-frame coding at
    I uploaded it all to 1 theme folder i tried to do everything but it doesnt work =\
    I want to skin though =\

    You have to edit the file you want the i-frame to be displayed at and put the i-frame coding in there … but you need html know-how to know where to put it …

    yes i know how to code i-frames and that stuff so in my doler i got like header footer etcetera.. should i just put my i-frames coding in a file called i-frames.php for example?
    but how do I call the posting wordpress in one i-frame then =\

    *sorry i meant folder instead of doler 😛

    It depends on where you want to have the i-frame. If it should be displayed below the header, put it into the main index template (index.php) just beneath the get_header() php code, if you want to see it in your sidebar, put it there. I don’t think, it’s convenient to put it into an extra file …

    ok ill let you see an example go to

    I want to have it like that but then in my themes folder So I can skin it =\

    I tried putting the Same coding as that in the theme folder but it didnt work =\

    Hm, sorry, but first: Argh, I think, I’m blind now … very aggressive colors 😉

    But what we have there, is far from html standard and I’m afraid, not all browsers will display it …

    What’s the main goal, you’re trying to achieve by using the iFrames ?

    yes sorry for the colors lol made long time ago i making a black layout 😀

    Well only thing I want is that the wordpress posting thing comes liek that in the middle frame >.<

    So, you want the page to be displayed just like this forum ? Or do you want to have something more than empty space (with background image) to the left and right ?

    If I were you, I’d try to find a theme that is very close to my idea and then change that (hopefully just slightly) till it fits my needs.

    but this isnt i-frames =\ i think 😮
    lets say I want to get the page were you post all your stories and that stuff come up in one of those boxes in my layout( the middle one) like how it is int he example I gave you
    And I tried to find themes but i didnt see any that use i-frames

    Then you have to build your own theme. But to do that, you have to understand WordPress Concepts, HTML and (a little) php.

    You can start from here:

    aaawww man I have no knowledge of that 🙁

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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