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  • I run sites for several friends using wordpress. On one (and only one) of them I have encountered a problem, I’ll have to start at the beginning:

    Front page of the site was slow (several minutes, random loading/not loading at all). I tried different things (disabled and removed all plugins, changed theme), but what seemed to help was limiting the number of posts on the front page to five (from ten).

    Ok, so I think the problem is solved, but go into the “Manage” tab in admin mode and experience the same turtle-esque loading times. But there’s more! 🙂 After about a minute of loading, wordpress lists “five and a half” posts and stops. I say five and a half because it stops after the author-name on the fifth line/post.

    Now, if this had happened on the same post every time, problem solved, but this happens no matter what. I’ve tried changing dates of posts, deleting, moving, same thing happens, but with other posts instead.

    I’ve tried upping mysql-connections, php memory limits and more, no change.

    I suspect corrupt tables in MySQL, but don’t want to start messing with it until I’m sure.

    The problem persisted through several versions of WP (I started with 2.05 and have now upgraded to 2.07)

    I’m now completely stumped.

    Any ideas at all?

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  • Removing the call to the_author() from edit.php “fixed” the problem (the post list lists ok, but without the author column).

    To continue the bad habit of replying to my own messages, the file seems to work ok if one substitutes the_author() with echo get_the_author(). I’ll try that for now and see how it works out.

    I spoke too soon, it still stops, but this time after 10 entries (still at the author-column) instead of five.

    Another update: This time the script stopped because of the php-timeout values. It now runs, but takes close to a minute to list the first page of posts.

    maybe you can adjust the php.ini file to have more php memory – 16M or 20M – or ask your host to do it. Most will.

    The php.ini is set up to 256mb max memory

    That’s not what I’m talking about.

    A default PHP installation is configured to give PHP 4 – 8M of memory.

    This article explains it more fully.

    If you’re on Dreamhost:

    I’ll have a look, thanks. Still strikes me as odd that this is the only one out of four or five wordpress-installations on my server that I’m having this issue with.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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