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    I set up EditorMonkey for someone because they use Safari and trying to explain how to switch to FireFox over the phone was going nowhere. However, EditorMonkey is acting like an idiot and I can’t figure out what’s wrong:

    I’m using TinyMCE for the interface. Bold, italics, underline, and all of the other options do nothing. And paragraph breaks are actually appearing as </span><span class="Apple-style-span">&nbsp;</span></span></div>
    <div> </div>
    <div><span class="Apple-style-span"><span class="Apple-style-span">
    in the code. And no space between lines.

    And the HTML editor only shows a few check boxes with {$lang_theme_code_wordwrap}{$lang_theme_code_wordwrap}{$lang_theme_code_wordwrap}{$lang_theme_code_wordwrap}

    Something isn’t right. I think I might have to get him to use FireFox because this is screwed up. Thoughts?

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  • buskerdog


    Forget it. I dumped Editor Monkey and told him to use FireFox. Why overcomplicate things?

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