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  • Hi, my blog is about editorials review of products…and i want the author to give an editorial rating that nobody can change and where nobody can rate.

    Then, additionally put a multirating for everybody (the normal one)

    So the question is, how can i include a rating rated only ONE time by the author.
    Then this should work as guide value for the community!

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  • in the admin panel of the post.
    Multi rate the post.
    And use the first option Standad Post Resume, giving a value. for example 8.9points

    For the other last 4 use: Nobody can post.(hidden&closed)

    sorry, maybe I understood you wrong, or you me…

    I want that posting author can show an multirating, rated by his own, that no one else can rate, just take a look at it

    and then ALSO have a multirating for the users (the standard one)….

    actually your tipp, I tried, did not have any effect at all…

    my friend,
    by default GD Star Pluging make thats and more.

    You can place 2 multirating tables in each post.
    1 for the author. Closed & only read

    2 for the users OPEN.

    hola bilbao…that sounds great. this is what im looking for…but obvoiusly, I am simply stupid….i tried and tried…nothing…

    maybe you can explain for a noob?

    or is there any shortcode for it?


    i can only give general option to close & read only for all multiratings within the post…

    “You can place 2 multirating tables in each post.
    1 for the author. Closed & only read
    2 for the users OPEN.”

    I can place 2 Multirating tables in one post…that is correct…

    but in the right sidebar of post creation page there is only “general options” not for each multirating table…by the way, how do I add an already voted table by the author into the post.

    When I choose “read only” there is no star voting at all…only the fields.

    I am so close to get my page finished. This is the only problem left. Would be great if someone can explain it to me…

    i get crazy with this thing, im now sure its a plugin error

    stars of review not showing up…

    [starreviewmulti id=5 tpl=20] id5 is set up correctly but not showing stars

    [starratingmulti id=5 tpl=12] this one is working fine

    Plugin is not showing rating stars or rating widgets after update, or all stars and thumbs have disappeared, and there is nothing in stars/thumbs selection lists.
    Check all plugin settings and plugins widgets settings after update and save them. If graphics is gone, try rebuilding stars and thumbs sets: go to plugin Tools -> tab Graphics -> Rescan.

    RESOLVED!!!!! So f******* simple!! Unbelievable!

    but in the right sidebar of post creation page there is only “general options” not for each multirating table

    In the post admin page must be a multirating table. You must configure it before.

    1)Multirating of Post Admin page

    2) Create a second multirating and post it in the single.php post loop.


    wp_gdsr_show_multi_review 	(
    $multi_set_id = 0,
    		$template_id = 0,
    		$post_id = 0,
    		$read_only = true,
    		$stars_set = "oxygen",
    		$stars_size = 20,
    		$stars_set_ie6 = "oxygen_gif",
    		$avg_stars_set = "oxygen",
    		$avg_stars_size = 20,
    		$avg_stars_set_ie6 = "oxygen_gif",
    		$echo = true
    ?> the second multirating($multi_set_id = 2), after the wp-includes/comments-template.php

    I have a different solution :

    With the help of the Plugin “More Field”, create a new field called, for example, “author rating” with Custom field key “authorrating” and type “number”
    Add this field to article only.

    Once back in your article, with your new field write your rating according to your max number of stars (1, 2, 3 etc..).

    In your theme template, add, for example, this code :

    	$ratingauthor = get_post_meta($post->ID, authorrating, true);
    	$ratingauthor2 = $ratingauthor*24; <strong>(change the 24 according to star size)</strong>
    	?> <div class="ratingheader" >Rating of <strong>your name</strong> :</div> <?php
    	if ($ratingauthor <>'')  { ?>
    		<div id="article_rater_915" class="ratepost gdsr-oxygen_gif gdsr-size-24" itemprop="reviewRating" itemscope itemtype="">
    <meta itemprop="worstRating" content = "1">
    <meta itemprop="ratingValue" content = "<?php echo $ratingauthor ; ?>">
    <meta itemprop="bestRating" content = "6">
    			<div class="starsbar gdsr-size-24">(change starbar and 24 according to star size and type)
    				<div class="gdouter gdheight">
    					<div id="gdr_vote_a915" style="width:<?php echo $ratingauthor2; ?>px;" class="gdinner gdheight">
    <?php }
    	echo "No rating";

    example live :

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