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  • Ok I actually have two issues but I think they are related. The first problem is that I have set it up so that images in my posts fall into either class=”left” or class=”right”. This tells them whether to float left or right and set a few margin paramiters etc etc. Now all this works great if I enter the code. However, I have a couple of other contributing authors who are user level 6. Whenever they go to fix typos in their posts (even if they just open the edit window without even clicking on anything) then for some reason the [class=”…”] part of the code mysteriously disapears. I have to log in and put it back and then it is fine.

    Second issue is that sometimes I do not want an image that is in the post to be inside a paragraph. However, I find that the post editor automaticly generates the <p> tags. This would be fine except when you click to see the “code” instead of the visual, it doesn’t actually show you the code because you don’t see any paragraph tags. Where can I find the real code and not the almost code?

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