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  1. yayson
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I have a WP installation (one of many) and I just set up the first user as an "Editor" role but she logs in and there is no Media section in the left hand navigation nor is there the icons/functionality to upload media of any type when creating a new post/page (or editing another).

    I have disabled or flat out deleted plugins and this has had no effect.

    I checked another installation that is allowing Editors access to Media Library and the only difference I can see is at the server level:

    The problem installation is running PHP 5.2 FastCGI with mod_security and the one working fine is running PHP 4 CGI with mod_security. I don't think this should have any bearing (if anything I'd think the problem reversed) but as I said, it's the only thing different.

    help! :) and thanks

    I posted this about a month ago and received 1 answer that was off base and only served to bury the post so I am posting again. I've sure it's bad form but I'm a month without a solution, hope my desperation is enough to get a little forgiveness. I apologize if it's a grave sin.

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